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Are you looking for general advice, help in developing processes, or just a quick reality check against best practices for Customer Success?

Dive into the areas of Customer Experience, the overall Customer Journey, and Customer Onboarding from two of the leaders in the space with this eBook on perfecting the handoffs from Sales > Customer Onboarding > Customer Success.

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Your Ticket to First Class Customer Onboarding

There’s a reason we're the best Salesforce-native app for customer onboarding. Our TaskRay in 60 seconds video covers the 4 critical steps and best practices for onboarding, just a few of the things that set us apart.

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TaskRay is the Leader in Customer Onboarding in Salesforce

TaskRay, an innovative customer onboarding and project management solution, helps companies manage their onboarding and implementation processes, drive greater efficiencies, and create unmatched customer experiences—all within Salesforce.


Decrease Time to Value

TaskRay helps you deliver onboarding experiences that show you respect your clients’ time by providing value from your product or service quickly and efficiently.


Increase Customer Satisfaction

With TaskRay you’ll be able to provide an onboarding experience that increases customer loyalty, reduces churn, and positively impacts your bottom line. 


Grow Your Business

Whether you have 100 customers or 10,000, TaskRay makes it possible to scale your business by creating visibility, eliminating redundancies, and ensuring consistency.

Does your onboarding experience measure up?

First impressions matter. We’re on a mission to ensure businesses get off to a great start with a flawless customer onboarding experience.


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“An excellent solution for our customer implementations.”

Richard Alberg | MWS Technology