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TaskRay is the 5-star project management solution that makes it easy for teams in every business to plan, execute, and report on their work so they can spend their time focused on the important stuff. 

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TaskRay is designed to let teams shine by making it easy to plan out projects, execute work, and report on the most vital metrics. And once it comes full circle, it’s easy to repeat the success over and over again.



Without a solid plan in place, it’s challenging to reach good outcomes—this makes planning the foundation of successful projects. With TaskRay, tasks and the dependencies between them can be quickly scheduled in our Gantt-style Plan View. In Calendar View, due dates are in clear view and potential conflicts are easy to spot. And to make sure data is secure, TaskRay puts you in control of visibility and sharing at both the project and team member levels.



Doing the work is the heartbeat of every project. TaskRay offers a multitude of thoughtfully designed features that make it easy for teams to get work done on time. In Kanban View, tasks can be managed like sticky notes on a whiteboard using drag-and-drop actions. In Row View, you can group tasks by various attributes and make bulk updates. Additionally, a weekly Agenda can be viewed right in TaskRay and daily to-do’s delivered can be delivered directly to mailboxes with our Daily Email Planners.



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Reporting makes it possible to gain insights into current and historical data, empowering intelligent decisions that will help your organization thrive. TaskRay puts project data at your fingertips by displaying important project health metrics right in the app. TaskRay also provides transparency into how much time is spent on projects and tasks with built-in time tracking functionality. And reporting is made easy with our FREE Dashboard & Reporting Pack.



With the power of TaskRay’s templates and automation,  the process of creating and updating projects can be streamlined by copying and combining project templates. Even better, templates can be automated to kick off and modify projects when a specific action takes place in Salesforce.



TaskRay is a 100% Salesforce native project management app. Here’s why that matters to you and your customers:

Shallow Learning Curve

All learning styles and experience levels are supported, making user adoption a breeze. 

Time is Money

Since TaskRay resides within Salesforce, it will always be up and running when Salesforce is running. 

Your Data is Secure

With TaskRay, your data never leaves your Salesforce instance. And TaskRay uses the same security and sharing controls you already know and trust within Salesforce.

TaskRay has everything you need in a project management app. And we’re adding and improving features constantly,
with product updates several times a year. We even offer a way for TaskRay users to suggest a feature – many of which end up making it into TaskRay. View a complete feature list.


No matter what your business, TaskRay puts you in the driver’s seat by enabling you to manage projects and processes – all within Salesforce. We made TaskRay lightweight, agile, and customizable to suit your needs. And because TaskRay is native, it supports many of the Salesforce customizations and actions you’re already using to run your business.


TaskRay customizations are simple, quick, and powerful – most take less than 30 minutes, some as few as five. We provide all the resources to guide you through these changes, from online guides to webinars. And if you want something more custom, we are happy to recommend a trusted implementation partner

The beauty of TaskRay is that if you’re using Salesforce, it’s a natural fit.


PC or Mac, desktop, laptop, tablet, phone or watch — TaskRay’s got you covered.

TaskRay is customizable, no matter what business you’re in.



“TaskRay is an excellent native app.”

Since TaskRay is natively built on the Salesforce platform, we’ve morphed it over the years to reflect our very unique requirements, including time tracking for different billing types and have complete visibility on every project. Highly recommended.
— JOHN McLEAN, Lava Box

“TaskRay is easy to use and even easier to learn.”

My organization engages in hundreds of projects a year. Some projects even span multiple years. As a small company of 7 people for 3 departments, we lack the resources and time to manually track each step of the project and its current next steps. When we discovered TaskRay, we rejoiced!
— MICHELLE ALTENAU, University of Cincinnati Research Institute

“TaskRay addict and proud of it”

In our business we have introduced two new acronyms BTR (Before TaskRay) and ATR (After TaskRay). Its helps us identify when projects were started because if it was BTR we all understand why the project stalled or never got off the ground in the first place. However if the project was started ATR then our expectation that the project will be completed somewhere around when we said it would be is very much higher.
— BADEN BRADBURY, Bristile Roofing

“Great for customer on-boarding mangement.”

For our Customer Success team, we were looking for a tool to track the on-boarding progress of our customers that would help keep the Sales dept and CS dept on the same page. We’re several months in and it’s been extremely helpful. They’ve made multiple improvements and feature enhancements along the way; I look forward to seeing how it evolves in the future!
— STEPHANIE BELL, Handshake Corp.

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We know software only solves problems when people use it. That’s why we’ve created a bevy of different tools to help get you and your team trained and up and running in TaskRay.

Step-by-Step Guides

We have an extensive help guide to help users and admins get the most out of TaskRay. The guides have screenshots and detailed instructions to help you navigate your way through TaskRay.  Want to get get feature sneak peeks, TaskRay Tips & Tricks, as well as project and process management news? Sign-up for our TaskRay User communications.


We offer monthly webinars to demonstrate TaskRay in action. Our webinars cover general overviews, product release updates, special topics, use cases, and app integrations. Whether you’re considering TaskRay or already using it, we highly recommend joining a webinar to learn more.

User Forums

Knowledge is power. And our users have a lot of knowledge. You can connect with other TaskRay users in the Salesforce Trailblazer Community and for Non-profits on the Power of Us Hub – during implementation and beyond.



Our New Customer Training program will help teams get up and running quickly. We also offer training for current customers who want to take TaskRay to the next level.

Learn more about how easy it is to implement TaskRay.