As a TaskRay User who is responsible for executing the work on the project and all tasks, you have many responsibilities. From communicating with your clients and working through the necessary Tasks to effectively complete their onboarding, to documenting it all and making sure you and others can see how the project is progressing. I want to use this blog to showcase some of the recommended views as well as key features in TaskRay for completing that work and making sure you are confident when using the tool. 

TaskRay Views to Use

When using TaskRay, there are many ways to manage your work, and it all depends on the way you like to work, as well as on the task at hand. When you need to complete tasks, the two views that we recommend most often are Kanban and My Work. Kanban view can be segmented into the task groups that you’ve created and it can also be sorted by dates, priority, and even not sorted, so you can move task cards wherever you want on the board, like sticky notes on a whiteboard. Moving tasks along the columns, or as we like to call them, swim lanes, is easy – all you have to do is drag and drop them to their new places.

Manage the Details

If you need to make edits fields on your task, the best way to do that is to double-click on the task card. This will open the task modal where you edit specific fields. Additionally, within the details tab, there are a few subtabs. One for seeing or adding a dependency, and the other for setting up repeating tasks.

Repeating Tasks are great if you need the same task to be completed more than once and at certain intervals.

Task Extensions

Besides the details of a Task, there may be other aspects of that Task that you need to work through, like checklist items, add or edit an attachment, or if you need to add time to your task, that is all easily accessible from the icons on the task card within Kanban view.

Making these same edits is just as easy from My Work. All of the icons will do the same thing as in Kanban view and you can complete a task with the click of a button. My Work is unique in that it will only show you the Tasks that are assigned to you, nothing else. It can be a great way to keep focused on your work and not get bogged down by other tasks. The feed within My Work is another great feature to keep an eye on. This will show you updates to other related Tasks or Projects, so you can always know what is going on.

Time Tracking

If you are needing to track time, whether for billing purposes or internal tracking, TaskRay has the tools to help. There are a couple of ways to add time to tasks in TaskRay. One option is to add it manually, by entering how long it took you to complete the task after it’s completed. The other option is to start a timer before you begin your work and stop and save it after the work is completed. It is also possible to designate certain time entries as billable – allowing you to report on all the billable work when necessary.

Stay tuned for more posts geared towards the end user and how to use TaskRay more effectively.

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