Dreamforce 2019 was a fantastic year for the TaskRay team. With a fresh layout and lots of new faces, we enjoyed every minute of this vibrant week in San Francisco. 

We also spent a lot of time at our booth in the Dreamforce Campground talking with lots of Salesforce customers interested in building customer onboarding processes with TaskRay. 

TaskRay’s Dreamforce 2019 Highlights  

As part of our participation in Dreamforce this year, we partnered with the awesome team at Simplus to share their space at the nearby Virgin Hotel. It was a fantastic venue to host existing customers and potential new TaskRay customers, and a welcome respite from the Dreamforce craziness!  

A highlight of our experience at the Virgin was lots of facetime with TaskRay customers with whom we’ve been working for a while, but are rarely able to see in person. Very few things can truly replace the value of in-person connection and we’re very grateful to Simplus for helping facilitate those conversations! 

While Dreamforce 2019 was packed with big name speakers, another highlight for TaskRay was our team taking the stage! 

TaskRay CTO, Mike Tetlow presented a session on how to accomplish common tasks in web development by leveraging the tools Salesforce provides. Product Manager, Rob Boyd shared some best practices around the technical aspects of setting up, configuring, and maintaining Trialforce to provision demo environments to internal employees on demand. And our energetic Account Executive, Jon Barlow and Sales Engineer, Alex Medrano brought the energy to the Admin Demo Jam. 

We’re very proud of the craftsmanship our team showed on stage at Dreamforce this year and can’t wait for what’s in store next year. 

The countdown is already on…the next Dreamforce is coming your way November 9, 2020!

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