Your data is secure with TaskRay.

We understand that data security and privacy are often at the top of the list when considering technologies for your business. Because TaskRay is 100% Salesforce native, it uses the same security and sharing controls you already know and trust within Salesforce. This makes TaskRay the secure solution for all of your company’s project management needs.

TaskRay Data Security & Privacy Practices 

TaskRay is installed and run entirely within your existing Salesforce instance, making TaskRay data subject to the same security, reliability, and control as any other Salesforce data. 

  • You maintain complete control over your data. TaskRay cannot access or view any data your company has created or stored in the app.

    • Salesforce continually updates and upgrades the security of their data centers and the platform. And because TaskRay is a top tier Salesforce partner, we are made aware of any changes Salesforce is making before they are released—enabling us to ensure that TaskRay is always in compliance. Salesforce Security Guide

  • As a native application, TaskRay conforms with the same privacy and compliance standards as Salesforce. Salesforce Compliance Standards

  • To be listed on the AppExchange, TaskRay passed the initial Salesforce security review and is required to be re-certified on an annual basis.

Benefits of a Native App Like TaskRay

Saves time and money: With TaskRay, there’s no need for a separate and potentially time-consuming security review. Once you’ve cleared Salesforce, you are good to go with TaskRay. 

Eliminates complexity: TaskRay is configured using the same controls as Salesforce, so your team doesn’t have to learn a new system to securely manage your TaskRay users and data. 

Automatic coverage: Your data backup, location, and encryption; physical server access; disaster recovery; and SLA’s are covered under your existing Salesforce agreement. In other words, whatever Salesforce does to protect your data applies in the exact same way to TaskRay. 

Provides peace of mind: Your company can rest assured that TaskRay is developed and maintained to meet all of Salesforce’s security and privacy standards. 

Bottom line—if you trust Salesforce, you can trust 100% Salesforce-native TaskRay.

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