TaskRay SDO

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What is TaskRay?


As a native app, TaskRay is a powerful extension of the Salesforce platform:

  1. Drives post-sale automation in Salesforce where teams are already closing deals
  2. Allows teams to collaborate internally and with external customers/clients
  3. Provides seamless data integration with Salesforce and other solutions such as Quip

TaskRay Overview Video

This short video provides an overview of TaskRay and just a few of the things you can do with this powerful app.

Installation Instructions

For correct results, install the packages in order. If you need any assistance, please contact us at sdo@taskray.com.

1. Install TaskRay Base Package

Note: You must install TaskRay first and select Install for Admins to successfully install the TaskRay SDO.
Click here to go the Salesforce Appexchange and download the TaskRay app.

2. Install TaskRay SDO Package

The TaskRay SDO package includes everything you need to demonstrate TaskRay in your SDO.  After installing the package, navigate to the *TaskRay SDO* tab in your SDO to complete the setup process. TaskRay is set up in less than 3 minutes.

3. Install Lightning Components

The next step is to install the TaskRay Lightning components.

Click here to go the Salesforce Appexchange and download Lightning components.


4. Install Quip Live App

The last step is to install Quip.

Click here to go the Salesforce Appexchange and download the Quip Live App.


How to Demo

This video will show you how to demonstrate a customer onboarding solution with TaskRay in your SDO.