project management mistakesIt’s true that mastery of a subject is born from experience. The kind of real world experience you get from doing something successfully from start to finish several times.  But, it’s also true that mastery of a subject is born from failure as much as it is from success.

Failure is a powerful teacher. It’s humbling. It’s instructive. It’s a guidepost, a sign, a big, fat flashing neon sign that says – Hey Pal, you are headed in the wrong direction. Go a different way!

BUT – What if you had access to information before your journey that marked possible wrong paths you could go down? Would you read it?  Would you listen? Would you prepare?

In this eBook – How to Avoid the 5 Biggest Mistakes of Project Management, Eric Wu, Bracket Lab’s co-founder and chief strategy officer, shares his learnings about how to navigate a project away from common downfalls.  With over 20 years of managing projects and teams in a variety of settings, Eric provides thoughtful and insightful information for anyone managing projects (formally or not).  We hope you’ll read it, learn something new, and then set off in the world with a little bit better of a map for your project management journey.


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