TaskRay has a ton of features packed into one app.

TaskRay is simply the most robust customer onboarding and full suite project management app available for Salesforce. Check out our extensive list of incredibly useful features.






My Work

A centralized place to view and manage all tasks and checklists assigned to you.


Manage projects and tasks like sticky notes on a whiteboard.


Visualize to-dos for any given search by grouping tasks by selected attributes.


Drag and drop Gantt-style chart: shift schedules, create dependencies and reassign team members.


Schedule tasks on a monthly calendar layout to show due dates, milestones, and potential conflicts.


View vital project health metrics in an easy-to-read list format.

Template Performance

Get insight into how your templates are performing based on key project metrics.



Save time by copying saved project templates, including tasks, checklists, and attached files.


Combine templates or parts of templates to build new projects or modify existing ones.

Filters & Views

View projects in standard views or create custom filters.


Hide completed projects from boards. Archived projects are still available in reports.

Schedule Projects

Build projects on timelines for improved visual scheduling.


Take snapshots of the state of a project at a specific point in time for reporting and trend analysis.


Star favorite projects for quick access from the sidebar.

Multi-Project Boards

Drill in or select multiple projects at once.


Easily change project color identifiers.

Privacy Settings

Control level of visibility and sharing access by project.


Task Cards

Work quickly with at-a-glance info and one-click actions.

Quick & Bulk Actions

One click to update status, project, reassign, and more. Select one task at a time or perform bulk actions.


Use multiple checklists to stay organized within a task.

Task Groups

Group tasks by phases, sprints, themes, or other attributes to keep projects organized.

Multiple “Owners”

Using checklist assignments, divide and conquer any task.

Repeating Tasks

Easily create repeating tasks for predictable to-dos.

Multiple Dependencies

Set up projects with multi-directional task relationships and watch timelines auto-update.

Daily Planner

Set up daily email reminders for current to-do list and summary of recent activity.

Email to Task

Forward emails to a unique TaskRay address to create new tasks.

Task Assignments

Automatic email and in-app notifications upon task assignment.

Labels & Topics

Quickly identify task cards with topics or custom fields as labels. 

Quick Add

Quickly add tasks from any view.

Group Tasks with Bulk Update

Group tasks with customized grouping options to bulk view and update sets of tasks.


Add milestones to your projects to set dates for important deliverables. 

Blocked Tasks

Mark tasks as blocked to visually highlight them across all views. 

Time Tracking

Quick add time from a task card, checklists, or task detail. View timesheet for aggregate view.


Chatter Conversation

Enable project collaboration. Quickly identify new conversations with task card notifications.

Feed Tracking

Track and follow field changes in the Chatter feed for real-time updates.

Recent Activity

View project and task feed in one aggregated sidebar.


Auto-follow projects to get updates on all tasks.

Share Files

Attach files and links directly to projects and tasks.

Recent Files

Easily search and view all project files in one place.



Add tasks to a queue and assign team members later.


Add users, queues, and groups to project teams.

Bulk Manage

Bulk add and remove team members to easily manage team changes.


Drag and drop a team member from the sidebar to reassign tasks.


Project & Task Details

Easily customize fields, groupings, labels, & more with standard Salesforce platform administration.

Custom Statuses

Organize tasks into customized columns to fit unique business process.

Multiple Kanban Boards

Customize columns specific to a department, team, or project & task record type.

Lightning Components

Easily drop pre-built components into any Salesforce object with Lightning App Builder.

Workflow and Approval Automation

Automate custom notification emails and approval processes.


Create new projects automatically from templates using built-in Process Builder options. 


100% Salesforce Native

Manage projects without leaving Salesforce. Seamlessly move between Lightning & Classic Editions.

TaskRay Mobile

Available for tablets and phones with Salesforce mobile app.

International & Multilingual Support

Supported through Salesforce in Translation Workbench. Also allows different date formats.


Use default reports or generate custom reports using commonly requested metrics.

TaskRay Flow Templates

Use TaskRay Flow Templates to guide users through the process of kicking off, completing, and gathering feedback about customer onboarding projects.


Sample project and time tracking dashboards providing jumpstart to management summaries.


Several print and export options for generating and sharing Gantt-style, Calendar, Agenda, and Project reports.

External Sharing

Option to provide read-only access to designated projects using Salesforce Public Sites.

Unlimited FREE Support

Our Customer Support team puts the "service" in software as a service.


TaskRay works with apps like Cirrus, Box, Conga, Gridbuddy, Workato and more.


Invite your customers, partners, vendors to interact with TaskRay.




P  /  Lightning Professional

E   /  Lightning Enterprise

U  /  Lightning Unlimited


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 /  TaskRay works with Salesforce Communities, but an extra Salesforce charge applies, Please contact us for more details.