We’re closing in on Valentine’s Day and that means we’re thinking about how much we love our TaskRay users! We’d like to think of our February 2020 Release of TaskRay as a “love note” of sorts – full of sweet little features and functionality to help users work more efficiently and effectively. 

With streamlined data entry and better work management options, the February 2020 Release includes several new and requested features that will allow users to tailor their TaskRay experience to fit their workload and work style. 

Include Multiple Task Record Types in a Single Project 

With this release, we’re unlocking new options for customizing the way that work can be categorized and completed in TaskRay with the ability to include multiple TaskRay Record Types in a Single Project. 

By allowing for the use of multiple record types and page layout configurations for different Tasks in a given Project, users can now track different kinds of fields on different Tasks to streamline data entry and organize information more efficiently. 

For example, you can now use different Task Record Types to display different data for internal Tasks vs. Tasks that are assigned to a customer in a Salesforce Community during onboarding. Or different Task Record Types can help differentiate between meeting preparation vs. meeting execution to help you track the right kind of information relevant to managing each kind of activity.

Task Group Modals 

With Task Group Modals, it’s now easy to enter and track data directly on Task Groups without leaving TaskRay. Improved access to data, Files, and Chatter on Task Groups helps improve the way you plan, deliver, and analyze different phases of an onboarding project. 

Enhanced Checklist Functionality 

We also made improvements to the user interface of TaskRay Checklists to simplify the experience of managing the details of work, including a new option to complete all Checklist Items in a Checklist. 

The ability to complete all checklist items in one step further streamlines how users can complete work, especially with complex or recurring checklists.

You can find all the details on the February 2020 Release in our Release Notes or join one of our upcoming webinars: 

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