Past Webinars

Here are all of our previously recorded webinars, available on demand. If you’re looking for the most recent TaskRay overview and product demo webinar, you can find that here. Select a topic/section below to see all available webinars in that section.

Customer Onboarding: Tips and Best Practices

February 2020 TaskRay Overview Webinar

5 Biggest Mistakes in Customer Onboarding (And How To Avoid Them)

October 28, 2020

TaskRay’s Chief Financial Officer and VP of Customer Success provide insights into the biggest mistakes we see in the customer onboarding process and give tips on best practices to avoid those mistakes.

February 2020 TaskRay Overview Webinar

2020 Customer Success/Customer Onboarding Survey Best Practices

August 26, 2020

Join TaskRay CEO Eric Wu in a discussion of the results of our 2020 CS/CO survey. We’ll cover top takeaways and best practices. 

February 2020 TaskRay Overview Webinar

September 2020 TaskRay Overview Webinar 

September 29, 2020

TaskRay Account Executive Jon Barlow dives into project templates, automations, daily task management, external sharing, and reporting functionality within TaskRay. 

February 2020 TaskRay Overview Webinar

July 2020 TaskRay Overview Webinar 2

July 28, 2020

TaskRay Account Executive AJ Kamish (and special guest Jameson) highlights TaskRay’s different views, automation options and external sharing capabilities. 

February 2020 TaskRay Overview Webinar

July 2020 TaskRay Overview Webinar 1

July 14, 2020

TaskRay Account Executive Jon Barlow demos TaskRay’s latest functionality. Includes a product demo, ukulele solo and Q&A.

February 2020 TaskRay Overview Webinar

June 2020 TaskRay Overview Webinar

June 23, 2020

TaskRay Account Executive Tim Weinstein demos TaskRay’s latest functionality. Includes a product demo and Q&A

February 2020 TaskRay Overview Webinar

May 2020 TaskRay Overview Webinar

May 14, 2020

TaskRay Account Executive Elliott Niedens demos TaskRay’s latest functionality (including features from our May Release) and gives an inside look at how TaskRay can solve the most common customer onboarding project management challenges. Includes a product demo and Q&A

The Art of Conversation for Customer Success

February 25, 2020

A great customer experience is based on productive conversations. Join the authors of the eBook The Art of Conversation for Customer Success for a discussion about the elements of a successful customer conversation and getting to ‘yes’.

TaskRay & Xactly: Structuring Incentives for Customer Success

December 10, 2019

In this joint webinar with Xactly’s VP Solutions Evanglist, Erik Charlest, we discuss our latest eBook: Structuring Incentives For Customer Success. We look at how a well-designed internal and external incentive plan for customer success is proven to make a huge difference in organizations of all sizes.

TaskRay and Gainsight Webinar: Perfecting Your Customer Success Handoffs

July 25 1, 2019

This customer success webinar, co-hosted with Gainsight, dives into detail on best practices and processes for smooth handoffs from Sales to other departments/teams/resources on the customer success journey.

Customer Success Starts With Onboarding: A Post-Pulse Conversation

June 4, 2019

In this webinar we welcome Donna Weber of Springboard Solutions to talk about the most important takeaways from Pulse 2019, and specifically how customer onboarding has emerged as the most important part of the customer success journey.

What NOT to do During the Sales to Customer Success Handoff

May 16, 2019

This webinar is a discussion of the mistakes that happen during the sales to customer success handoff—and how to create successful, scalable processes.

Five Steps To Customer Success

FebruarY 27, 2019

This webinar covers the 5 most important steps to customer onboarding success, including defining ‘customer onboarding’ for various industries, why it’s so critical, how to structure an onboarding program, how to measure success, and how using a dedicated onboarding app like TaskRay can help.

Tips and Tricks for Getting the Most from TaskRay

Resource Planning with Flux Capacity

October 13, 2020

This 30 minute webinar the resource planning functionality within TaskRay.

Optimizing Salesforce Record Pages With TaskRay Lightning Components

August 6, 2020

This 30 minute webinar covers how to use TaskRay Lightning Components to unlock new functionality and optimize TaskRay workflows on Salesforce Record Pages. 

September Getting Started Webinar

September 17, 2020

Tune in to this 30 minute webinar covering the important first few steps to get started successfully with TaskRay. 

How To Use TaskRay: Project Insights and Template Performance 

April 23, 2020

Want to know how your projects and templates are performing in TaskRay? Learn about TaskRay’s Project Insights and Template Performance View in this informative, 30-minute webinar.

How To Use TaskRay: External Sharing 

March 10, 2020

Looking to share your TaskRay projects with clients or external audiences? Join the TaskRay Support Team for a webinar all about external sharing with TaskRay.

How To Use TaskRay: Getting Started 

January 14, 2020

This Support Webinar is all about getting started with TaskRay! We cover adding new users, permission sets and licenses, adding TaskRay to page layouts, and creating your first template.

How Force Marketing Hits Big Goals With TaskRay

October 1, 2019

One of our main uses is for marketing companies. Join our customer, Force Marketing, as they walk through how they designed, set up, and use TaskRay for onboarding their new customers and for ongoing project management to maximize success.

TaskRay’s Top 3 Tools for Customer Onboarding

September 19, 2019

TaskRay is the top app for customer onboarding within Salesforce. In this webinar we discuss the top three tools we provide to help you streamline, organize, and repeat your onboarding processes.

How To Use TaskRay Record Types…the Right Way!

June 13, 2019

This webinar goes through TaskRay record types and outlines best practices for when to use them, how to set them up, and how they can best be used to get the most out of the app.

TaskRay Shortcuts to Save You Time

MAY 9, 2019

The difference between a casual user and a power user is that a power user knows all the shortcuts. In this webinar we show you how to become a power user of TaskRay.

Get the Most Out of the TaskRay Support Site

April 18, 2019

We’re proud of the fact that we offer world-class support. In addition to several support plans for those that want extra help, our extensive support site can answer most of your questions. Learn how to use our support area to get the help you need.

Our Most Commonly Asked Questions

March 26, 2019

With an app as powerful as TaskRay, most people want to know the best and most effective way to use the features that are important to them. In this webinar we go over the questions most frequently asked to our Support team.

How To Use Checklists vs Tasks in TaskRay

February 19, 2019

Do you prefer checklists or task lists? We don’t judge you for either – we just make it easy for you to use either or both. See where each makes the most sense in this webinar.

TaskRay Product Release Webinars

Implementing TaskRay Open

June 4, 2020

In this webinar, we walk through how to install and set up TaskRay Open—our technical accelerator for helping businesses reopen facilities safely—including location set up, our new location Lightning component and reports, and opening/closing template import and customization. 

Upgrading to the May 2020 Release of TaskRay

June 2, 2020

Join us for a 30 minute webinar detailing how to upgrade to the May 2020 Release of TaskRay. We review new features and cover best practices for how to implement the latest functionality. 

Reopening Your Physical Workplace with TaskRay Open

May 28, 2020

In this 30-minute webinar, we show you how our new tech accelerator, TaskRay Open, can help you reopen your facilities and safely get back to work in the time of coronavirus.

May 2020 Release Overview

May 12, 2020

This 25-minute webinar focuses on upgrading to the February 2020 release of TaskRay. We discuss best practices for implementing all of the new features in your organization.

Upgrading to the February 2020 Release

Mar 3, 2020

This 25-minute webinar focuses on upgrading to the February 2020 release of TaskRay. We discuss best practices for implementing all of the new features in your organization.

February 2020 Release Overview

FEB 6, 2020

TaskRay’s Product Team provides an inside look at the new features of the February 2020 Release of TaskRay. .

Upgrading to the November 2019 Release

NOV 12, 2019

This 30-minute webinar focuses on upgrading to the November 2019 release of TaskRay. We discuss best practices for implementing all of the new features in your organization.

TaskRay’s November 2019 Release

October 22, 2019

This webinar walks through all the new features and upgrades in TaskRay’s Fall release in November, 2019.


Launch 2020 Webinar Series

Webinar #3: Optimizing Your Customer Journey Without Incremental Investment, with Shannah Van Winkle

JUNE 17, 2020

Shannah Van Winkle, a Customer Success and Agile Leadership expert with 25 years experience, shares ideas for engaging your people, building effective processes, and taking advantage of your existing tech. 

Webinar #2: Customer Obsessed, with Eric Berridge

May 13, 2020

Eric Berridge, two-time author, TED speaker, and co-founder and former CEO of Bluewolf, an IBM Company (acquired in 2016) shares the keys to a whole company approach for delivering exceptional customer experiences.

Webinar #1: Change With Enthusiasm, with Keren Eldad

April 15, 2020

In this virtual workshop, Coach Keren Eldad—TEDx Speaker, author, the founder of With Enthusiasm Coaching™ and Certified Personal and Executive Coach (ACC, CPC, CEC, CPBA, CPMA)—talks about how to make this a year of transformation, not disintegration.