TaskRay allows marketing teams to focus on what matters.


When combined with talented people and good processes, the right project management tool (while admittedly not super sexy) can remove barriers to creativity by making it easier to collaborate and stay organized. This applies whether you’re a large advertising agency, a medium-sized in-house marketing department or a small design studio.

Imagine what your team would get done if they weren’t digging through emails to find information and files, going to useless meetings, or wasting time updating endless spreadsheets. With TaskRay, you can implement an elegant, easy-to-use, and dare we say, fun, project management process.

TaskRay works for projects and teams, large and small.


We like to think of TaskRay as the Goldilocks of project management tools. Want to get started up and running quickly? TaskRay is easy to set up and use right out of the box. Want to customize it to suit your team’s needs? TaskRay is fully customizable to handle as much, or as little, complexity as desired. 

TaskRay is the perfect solution for managing one-off projects or ongoing efforts. With TaskRay, your team can efficiently manage large, complex projects such as brand launches, website redesigns and trade shows as well as repeating projects like quarterly ad campaigns. Whatever your needs, TaskRay is just right.

We know one of the hardest things about evaluating a new tool is envisioning, “How would this actually work for us?” Read to learn more about why TaskRay is the best project management tool for marketing teams.

1. View and work with projects your way.

TaskRay provides multiple ways for your team to view and interact with a project. For team members who want a high-level understanding of a project and its status, our Row view helps them to clearly see what needs immediate attention. Creative people tend to prefer our “sticky notes on a white board” Kanban view with its drag-and-drop simplicity. Project managers like our Gantt chart-style Plan view. And everyone loves our Calendar view. While most project management tools include one or more of these views, none provide as many as TaskRay. Learn More About Views









2. Maximize Campaigns in Salesforce.


Campaigns are the go-to vehicle in Salesforce for organizing strategic goals and for deploying tactics to achieve targets. Since TaskRay is 100% native, custom look-up relationships can be created between TaskRay and Campaigns. Once the look-up field is set, it’s a cinch to pull Campaign details right into the TaskRay record detail. (Note: Campaigns only come with Salesforce Professional Edition and above licenses). Learn More

Easily tie campaign creation to project template kickoff in TaskRay by using a quick process builder in Salesforce.

Easily tie campaign creation to project template kickoff in TaskRay by using a quick process builder in Salesforce.

3. Kick-off projects quickly.


Marketing projects—webinars, emails, events, newsletters, content creation—often contain the same repeatable steps. With templates and automation, you can get processes out of someone’s head (or email or spreadsheet) and into one place everyone can see. In TaskRay templates are simply projects that have been populated with the typical steps of a specific project type (including sub-projects, tasks, and checklists) that can be cloned and used over-and-over again.

With templates, task sequencing logic and dependencies can be built in, e.g. this task should happen two days after this task. Once the start date of a project is set, the rest of the dates will fill based on the pre-set logic.

And because TaskRay is 100% Salesforce native, there are lots of neat tricks to kick-off templates automatically when other events happen in Salesforce. For example, when a campaign is started in Salesforce, you can set it up so that a project automatically begins in TaskRay.* 

*Automation set up requires Admin involvement (most automations can be done in under 30 minutes).


4. Simplify the way your team communicates.


Collaboration is a big part of what makes TaskRay valuable to marketing teams. TaskRay’s chatter integration allows teams in different locations, time zones, and countries to collaborate transparently in one place and in real-time, decreasing the need for endless email chains and long meetings. Chatter makes your teams’ communication effortless by allowing them to talk as individuals or as a group, to share files, and even customize conversation notifications.


5. Easily collaborate with vendors and clients.


A fully functional version of TaskRay can be embedded in a Salesforce Community. A TaskRay Community works exactly like TaskRay within Salesforce, allowing you to collaborate with people, such as clients and vendors, outside of your organization.

You can set privacy controls so your external users will only see and be able to do what you want them to. They will not be able to see the rest of your Salesforce data or other TaskRay projects they aren’t a part of.

TaskRay also has several widgets you can embed on your Communities home page that allows TaskRay Community users to see the status of projects they are working on, upcoming due tasks, and recent chatter, all without having to switch views. Learn How to Create a TaskRay Communities Portal

6. Streamline complex projects.


To keep a manageable number of meaningful milestones in focus, checklists allows you to manage tasks within a task and TaskRay’s percentage tracker allows you to track the progress of a task and checklist items. And if you’re using templates, checklists will copy when you clone the template. Watch Video


7. Manage multiple processes.


If your team has different processes for different groups, such as editorial versus creative, you can set up status lists for each workflow using record types. This allows you to support unique processes by customizing column headers, status approver rules, notification types, and more. Learn How to Modify Status Lists

8. Use Slack to add tasks.

TaskRay is constantly evolving to meet the demands of technology. Since so many offices are using Slack to communicate, we set up a Slack–TaskRay integration, which will help your team save time and stay organized. 

For example, if someone thinks of a task that needs to be added to a project, all they need to do is go to the correct channel and tell the TaskRay bot to add that task to the project by referencing a project nickname and then naming the new task in Slack. The TaskRay bot can also provide the status of a project. See What’s New in Slack Integration

Use to TaskRay bot to easily add a task to a project.

Use to TaskRay bot to easily add a task to a project.

9. Create reports exactly the way you want them.

We know managers and executive teams have different reporting needs and requirements. When you use TaskRay’s free dashboard extension pack (available on the AppExchange) you can report on almost all the data within TaskRay with set reports or by creating your own parameters. Check Out Our Dashboard Extension Pack


10. Get answers, fast.

We know questions come up and sometimes teams need extra help. That’s why we devote a lot of energy to making sure we have the answers you need when you need them. To find the information you’re looking for, create a support ticket from within TaskRay, search our extensive knowledge base, or ask our TaskRay community. 

We are proud to be known for our world-class support and for listening to our customers about product ideas—a lot of which find their way into our product updates. At Bracket Labs, we are committed to continuous improvement of TaskRay to make sure our users get the best possible experience. Check Out Our Support Portal

TaskRay saves time for your team. And money for your company.

We’re all familiar with the old saying, “time is money”. When it comes to project management, there’s simply no denying this truth. Depending on your team size, a strong project management solution like TaskRay can save hundreds of hours a year, which directly translates into a boost in productivity and money saved.

Increase visibility and collaboration.

Multiple views, simple reporting, Chatter collaboration, and real-time updates make for quicker and more informed decision making and project execution.

Eliminate time wasted searching for information & files.

Keep your team of managers, producers, writers, editors, designers, and everyone else on the same page with a single (100% Salesforce native) tool.


Improve productivity.

Easy and efficient project management with fewer emails and meetings results in increased campaign performance.


Want to learn more?

To learn more about how TaskRay can support your marketing team, please schedule a call with us. We’re here to help!