Get ahead of the curve with TaskRay.

Aging populations, innovations in the areas of medical treatments and pharmaceuticals, and changing regulatory landscapes are all accelerating the pace of growth in the healthcare and life sciences (HLS) industries. 

And while medical technology is advancing, some of the supporting business infrastructure hasn’t been as quick to mature. Even with the advent of electronic medical records (EMR), medical records are often still on paper. Patient engagement portals are still in their infancy. And many of the systems it takes to run medical offices, hospitals, and pharmaceuticals and biotech companies are siloed and/or not in the cloud. 

This is why Salesforce has a strategic initiative to bring the power of its platform to HLS organizations. And why TaskRay—a 100% Salesforce-native project management solution—is the ideal tool to support the evolution of businesses in the HLS Salesforce ecosystem.


Read on or download PDF about some of the ways TaskRay can help HLS companies streamline processes and bring more of their business functions inside of Salesforce.


1. Gather critical new patient information.

In TaskRay, a project can be set up for new patients based on a pre-determined “to-do list” template, helping medical office staff to make sure they have collected relevant information about each patient, every time.

2. Integrate back office operations.

Many of our customers use TaskRay to manage HR, IT, Marketing/Communications, and Building Operations. With its easy-to-use interface, you can support project management across multiple departments with one tool. This reduces the need for overlapping systems that don’t talk to each other.

3. Stay on top of health care equipment.

Today, many clinical medical devices are complex systems of their own and require vigilant management and maintenance. TaskRay can support the processes around caring for these important investments as well as help manage smaller inventory projects that might currently be tracked in spreadsheets or on paper.

4. Manage the medical equipment sales lifecycle.

With Salesforce and TaskRay, you can manage each sale from end-to-end—from first contact to implementation to maintenance. For example, if you are a manufacturer or seller of large medical equipment with an involved sales cycle as well as responsibilities for installation, training, and maintenance, TaskRay can help keep these processes organized and connected.


To read about how Salesforce-native TaskRay is helping Mevion Medical Systems manufacture, install, and maintain their Proton Therapy medical device, take a look at our Heath & Life Sciences Case Study

To learn more about how TaskRay can support your HLS organization, please schedule a call with us. We’re here to help!