Increase new hire success with TaskRay.


The heartbeat of every organization is its employees. That’s why the best human resource teams know the value of making each hire feel welcome from the start.

According to a study by Equifax Workforce Solutions, more than 40% of turnover happens within the first six months and 20% within the first 45 days. TaskRay can help HR teams create a structured employee onboarding process that will engage new hires from day one, resulting in the mitigation of employee turnover and a reduction in associated costs.

Read on to learn about some of the ways TaskRay can help human resource teams streamline employee onboarding processes inside of Salesforce.

Ingredients for a successful onboarding process.

A structured and successful onboarding program provides immediate value to new employees and the employer. Here are three must-haves:

1. Get the paperwork out of the way.

These days, most paperwork can be managed online, so we suggest facilitating its completion prior to start date so a stack of papers is not waiting for new hires on their first day. Wouldn’t it be great to be able to use that first day to do things like orienting your new teammate to your culture, viewing a welcome message from the CEO. or going out to lunch with the team? And don’t forget about the crucial task of showing them how to work the coffee machine!

2. Outline the first week.

Don’t throw new hires into the fire. Successful onboarding is more than first day orientation. Giving your new employee a detailed agenda outlining their entire first week can provide them with a sense of welcome and relief on navigating their first few days with your organization. Some ideas for things to allocate time to: ways to absorb the company culture, structure and history; discussions about role expectations; on-the-job training; and first interactions with the new team.

3. Make new hires feel welcome.

Warm their workspace by having their computer and other workstation details set up when they arrive. Go the extra mile by adding some company swag—a hat, t-shirt, or even flowers to show your new hire you are excited to have them onboard. And make sure to infuse your welcome with your organization’s values and culture. First impressions matter!

Creating a foolproof system. 

Consistency, continuous improvement and organization are all key to combatting fast turnover and building a successful employee onboarding process. Recognizing that onboarding is a team effort is also vital. With TaskRay, you can implement a system that never misses a step and ensures the whole team collaborates and is prepared for your new hire.

1. Set up your new hire process. Once.

Don’t rely on your memory to build a fresh process for each hire. Instead, use TaskRay to set up an onboarding template with checklists to house each step of your process all in one place. This makes it easy to not only manage a single hire, but also to scale to manage big hiring sprees. 



 2. Organize your process.

Add task groups to help define the structure of your onboarding template. You can organize tasks into departments, phases, or themes that are unique to your onboarding process. In Task Group mode, you can add tasks or move tasks between groups.


 3. Order matters! Set-up critical dependencies.

For an efficient and successful onboarding process, order matters. For example, systems often can’t be set up without setting up an employee email address to be used for logins. Or computers can’t be set up without workstations assigned. You get the point. By creating task dependencies, you can set an order to your process. The best thing? Task dependencies will auto-adjust due dates if a start date or other milestone shifts within the project.

4. Get a head start. Onboard your first employee.

Of course, you know there’s a lot to do before their first day. But when does the work need to start? Using TaskRay’s powerful clone by milestone feature, you can kick off your new hire template by simply setting the new hire start date. TaskRay will automatically calculate due dates for both pre-work and trailing onboarding steps.

5. Get to work.

Once you kick off your new hire project, your entire onboarding team will receive an invite and spring to action. As your team completes their responsibilities, you can check in on progress in real time using any of our four collaborative views including Kanban, Row, Calendar, and Plan or check status with TaskRay’s Info Sidebar.

6. Engage your new hire.

TaskRay can also be extended to an Employee Apps community, which provides the option of having your new hire complete their orientation and onboarding in the Community portal. This engagement can help to provide your new hire with a nice welcome and a clear understanding of what their first week(s) have in store. TaskRay even helps them celebrate when they get their onboarding tasks done. This all goes a long way towards new hire success.

7. Build an exit process as good as your onboarding process.

While a solid employee onboarding process can greatly reduce fast turnover, we know that sometimes it’s inevitable. This makes your separation and exit process just as critical as your process for new hire onboarding. Create a TaskRay exit template to manage tasks like scheduling exit interviews, collecting feedback, ensuring systems are turned off quickly for company security and letting management know critical tasks have been taken care of.

The payoff.

According to the Society for Human Resources Management, 69% of employees are more likely to stay with a company for three years if they have a great onboarding experience.

Whether you are managing employee onboarding and offboarding processes, or managing training and orientation programs, TaskRay can help make your team happy, successful, and more productive.

Want to learn more?

To learn more about how TaskRay can support your employee onboarding process, please schedule a call with us. We’re here to help!