Connect your back office teams on a single platform with TaskRay.


Businesses of all kinds use TaskRay to manage customer onboarding, fulfillment, and client success, but that’s only half the story. We know not all projects are client-facing. In fact, much of work performed at a company is managed by administrative and back-office resources. This is why 100% Salesforce-native TaskRay is also a great solution for back office teams to plan, execute, and report on their work.

TaskRay, and its easy-to-use interface, makes project and process management visual, efficient and collaborative across multiple departments—HR, IT, finance, or operations—with a single tool, eliminating or reducing the need for overlapping systems that don’t talk to each other.

Read on to learn about some of the ways TaskRay can help back office teams streamline processes and bring more of their business functions inside of Salesforce.

Transform the way your team works.

In an environment where rapid digital transformation is defining the new leaders, being able to make informed decisions and gain operational efficiency all in a connected matter has become imperative. Often back-office functions have focused on processing transactions, monitoring compliance, or managing budgets with little priority to innovation or collaborative tools. TaskRay can transform your back office by bringing your processes to the forefront with a common, collaborative platform.

Here are just a few ideas on how TaskRay can enhance and integrate your back-office operations:

1. Engage employees in an internal community.

TaskRay makes working with your employees using Salesforce’s Employee App Communities a cinch. Choose from a TaskRay Community Quick Start package or embed any TaskRay Lightning component into your already existing employee community. With one of TaskRay’s 10+ Lightning components, employees can manage their to-dos, track their time, or quickly view the status of their projects.



2. Onboard new hires with a structured process.

With 69 percent of employees more likely to stay with a company for three years if they experience great onboarding (source:, you cannot afford to not have a structured onboarding process. Use TaskRay templates to quickly onboard a new hire, set-up milestones to track start date and dependent activities, and create detailed checklists to ensure a warm welcome to all new team members.

And when it is time to manage an employee separation, TaskRay helps you manage it confidently, providing a critical system to make sure technology is deactivated or property is collected. Protecting your company’s data and security while also ensuring your separating employee has the information they need helps ensure the process is smooth for all parties.

Read more about our managing employee onboarding and exit checklists in our Employee Onboarding Use Case.



3. Manage strategic goals and objectives.

TaskRay projects are a great way to track strategic KPIs and monthly, quarterly, and annual review processes—which makes it easy to view initiative progress and provide transparency to stakeholders. Task details and checklists aid in monitoring detailed action items and follow-up. With Chatter built into each task, it’s easy to turn static goals into a living, collaborative document throughout the year.



4. Facilitate meeting management in one place.

Resourceful team leads and managers use TaskRay (instead of outdated documents and spreadsheets!) for cross-functional weekly meeting agendas by simply creating a project for each meeting. It’s a perfect way for remote teammates to join in on a collaborative meeting session as everyone can see the agenda—even those working remotely—and it can be built upon by creating tasks to add new items. Best of all, meeting agendas are preserved in one location for archived but accessible history, eliminating the need for the creation of meeting recaps.



5. Close monthly financial accounts and operational activities.

Manage monthly, quarterly, and annual close activities using repeating tasks in an ongoing finance and operations project. From bookkeeping actions to compliance documentation, TaskRay can track tasks on common repeating intervals to ensure no task—large or small—slips through the cracks.

6. Support internal help requests and Salesforce administration.

TaskRay can help you to manage popular IT requests such as inbound tickets, system deployments, or ongoing Salesforce administration. IT teams and Salesforce Admins will love TaskRay’s unique ability to help them manage, prioritize, and collaborate, which includes features to:

  • Set-up an inbox to get control of inbound requests.

  • Visualize workflow with TaskRay's Kanban board.

  • Communicate progress with process builder alerts.

  • Build a repeatable change management process with templates and checklists.

  • Leverage email to TaskRay, Slack integration or forms integrations to collect critical ticket information.



Create a powerful system of engagement.

TaskRay puts all of your project and process work in one centralized location, enabling a system of engagement between back office teams. A project management solution like TaskRay can save hundreds of hours a year, which directly translates into a boost in productivity and money saved. It also allows teams to stay connected to leadership with statistics for all departments with powerful reporting and dashboards.

On other words, TaskRay gives your back-office teams everything they need to manage their unique departmental processes in an engaging, connected and collaborative workspace.


From new hire onboarding to employee communities, TaskRay helps human resource teams manage their processes with increased visibility and collaboration.


From help desk requests to system deployments, TaskRay eliminates wasted searching for information and files by keeping teams on the same page with a single solution.


From monthly close activities to compliance activities, TaskRay facilitates increased productivity and ensures no task falls through the cracks.

Want to learn more?

To read about how Salesforce-native TaskRay is helping PrimePay transform their back office operations, take a look at our Back Office Case Study.

To learn more about how TaskRay can support your back office or your entire organization, please schedule a call with us. We’re here to help!