Timothy Jepson Torrent Consulting

“Must have! (Oh, and by the way...their staff is amazing!).”

We’ve been using TaskRay for a couple years and it has drastically enhanced our ability to streamline project management and keep our team members focused across multiple projects. TaskRay’s beautiful user interface makes it enjoyable to work in. The TaskRay team has done an incredible job making the tool easy to use, pleasing to the eye and very quick. Not to mention, the TaskRay team is amazing. If at any point I’ve had a question or needed a refresher on how to do something, their staff is quick to respond and happy to help. 5 Stars all the way for TaskRay.
— Timothy Jepson, Torrent Consulting | Westerville, OH

“Focus on the right things at the right time.”

TaskRay has allowed us to fine-tune our project time tracking. This helped us increase accuracy in billing and transparency. As a result our billing is better understood by our clients and feel happy that we can be transparent with the work we do. We love using TaskRay because it allows us to manage tasks and carry on faster SCRUM meetings. We love it because it is easy to use and we love it because we are supported by Braket Labs who are a great group of people. The financial impact it has made for us really has bee due to faster easier project tracking. I recommend this App to any organization looking to expedite project management, time tracking and getting control of their work again. Thank you TASKRAY!
— Victor Rosado, Rosado Inc. | Orlando, FL

“Love this solution and company.”

TaskRay is a perfect solution for anyone looking to solve the question of project management and Salesforce integration. It has made tracking my work efficient and simple while maximizing Salesforce capabilities like Chatter. Not only is the UI simple and clean, but I actually like getting into my to do list for the day. A huge improvement on Saleforce’s Task concept. More importantly, the company itself has the most amazing support team I’ve ever worked with. They are prompt, knowledgeable and the friendliest people you’ll ever meet! Their knowledge base is incredibly thorough and well written, but their customer service has no problem being the librarian for you. In searching for a way to automate the creation of project templates, I sent them an email for guidance. They got back a day later with links to the correct articles. By following the articles I was able to write and automate my first visual flow. I can’t think of any other time anything this complex was made so easy. Salesforce should take a hint from Bracket Labs and have their support team redo some of their articles.
— Amy Harris, Socrata | Seattle, WA

“TaskRay empowers us to meet our client needs in a way we never imagined was possible.”

In an organization filled with systems and technology that is noisy and at times confusing, TaskRay is a welcome breath of fresh air. The support in implementation, preparation with demos to executive decision makers, and continued customer support is excellent. Their passion for advancements in usability and learning from their customer needs is unparalleled. The tool itself has allowed us here at KU to work efficiently in communicating our unique value proposition to potential clients, while advancing our intentionality in servicing current clients. Their blogs and webinars are extremely helpful in advancing the tool to meet our specific business needs. So far, we’ve yet to run into a situation where TaskRay does not meet the needs of our B2B instance of KU. In fact, it’s challenged us in the way we have our processes designed for the better. Thank you, Bracket Labs, for being a partner who truly builds relationships with your clients. You’ve made our great salesforce instance all the more relevant in today’s face-paced and complex customer engagement landscape.
— Tara McElhannon, Knowledge Universe | Portland, OR

The top three reasons TaskRay is Awesome!

Task Ray is a phenomenal application that I use daily to manage my projects, track my time, and assign tasks to my development team. The three top things that I love about Taskray. 1) the application is built on the salesforce platform. This has allowed Basati to use triggers, workflow and validation rules to customize Taskray for our internal use and for our clients. We created an internal time tracking tool to track our time daily, a dependent task customization and added burn down charts on parent projects. 2) the Bracket Labs teams continues to release solid enhancements to TaskRay. The addition of checklists, inline edits, filtering options, Salesforce1 ready, etc. The product continues to get better and better. 3) the Bracket Labs team are a great team to work with. They have assisted our team on several occasions with customizations. Most importantly, they seek feedback from their users on new features and enhancements. Hats off Bracket Labs! Great product!
— Matt Nesci, Salesforce MVP – Basati | Rochester, NY