We’re capping off a banner year at TaskRay, which you can read about in our 2019 wrap-up blog post. We’re also excited about receiving some high honors from our customers in the form of G2 banners (okay they’re badges, not banners, but you can see what we’re going for there).

The one we value the most is the Users Love Us badge, which is earned from our high customer satisfaction scores. A lot of that satisfaction comes from how easy TaskRay is to use, proven by our ranking as Easiest To Use among our competitors, and how we stand by our values as a company to put customers first, which earned us an Easiest To Do Business With honor. Add that all up and you get a High Performer and a Momentum Leader in our software category.

The hard work (and play) we put into 2019 is being validated by our customers, our growth, and the growth of the market as a whole. We can’t wait to see what 2020 holds! 

To see our all of our reviews and ratings, visit our G2 page here.

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