Optimize the Efficiency of Your Projects While Remaining Adaptable to Changes

There are a lot of variables in the renewable energy industry and yet efficiency is critical. The challenge of efficiently managing several installations at once is to fine-tune a process that is simultaneously prescriptive and adaptable. Your Project Managers need a systematic approach to delivering, while the broader Operations groups need a way for different stakeholders to measure and track critical metrics across projects.

“The renewable energy industry is primed to enter a new phase of growth driven largely by increasing customer demand, cost competitiveness, innovation, and collaboration.”


Our Value for Companies in Renewable Energy

TaskRay G2 Badges TaskRay is a 100% Salesforce-native project management solution focused on giving your teams the ability to work, track, and learn. By enabling your teams to get this work done within Salesforce you are ensuring a single source of truth that is always up to date – no more redundancies or inaccuracies – while capitalizing on a robust method of tracking data and recording metrics. Utilize the collaboration capabilities across teams and even customers to take your installations to the next level.

  • Simplify and Speed Up Delivery: Set and communicate clear handoff points between teams; track and manage key deliverables including milestones, task dependencies, and timelines. Get a clearer understanding of the actual timelines associated with projects and assign resources intelligently.
  • Scale: Move beyond tracking projects in a spreadsheet or in a separate tool outside of Salesforce by creating a scalable and repeatable process that allows your teams to manage more effectively using templated projects and intuitive collaboration tools – all in one single source of truth.
  • Engage Customers: Share project insights with customers in real-time to keep the most important people in the loop and cut down on inquiry-based communication.
  • Increase Visibility: Utilize reports, dashboards, and in-app analytics to unlock keys to improve your overall delivery processes while accessing KPI’s in a convenient way.
  • Empower Teams: A modern user interface and smart features allow your Project Managers to coordinate more projects with less effort.

TaskRay Customer Onboarding Suite



Professionalize your customer onboarding process and ensure a single source of truth.



Involve the right people and get the visibility you need to deliver every project with excellence.



Monitor, improve and scale your onboarding process with real-time insights and metrics.



Uncover opportunities and nurture relationships with new customer champions.

Full Suite Project Management:  TaskRay’s foundation is a beautifully designed Agile project management solution built inside Salesforce.

Salesforce Cloud Platform:  Because TaskRay is built in Salesforce, you get all the features and benefits you already know and trust.
Security & Access Controls   |   File Management   |   Workflow & Notifications Engine   |   Reports & Business Insights   |   Mobile Apps   |   Configuration Toolkit   |   AI & Analytics   |   APIs

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To succeed in today’s environment organizations need to be methodical, efficient, tactical… and flexible. Is your business set up to achieve this balance? Are you confident that today’s systems can manage tomorrow’s workload? As Renewable Energy needs expand across the globe, let TaskRay help you prepare to deliver a better future in a better way.