Manage Complex Installations with Efficiency, Visibility, and Process Improvement Insights

Every customer is different, and yet we know that bringing them to value quickly is critical to their experience and your efficiencies. Combine this truth with the fact that there are stringent requirements for regulations and legal sign offs in this industry and you’ve got your work cut out for you. In order to grow and scale, it is imperative to leverage repeatable business processes while also remaining adaptive to internal procedure improvements and external curve balls.

“Effective planning is the key to success for any business but to an even greater degree in the medical device manufacturing industry.”

QRA Corp

Our Value for Medical Device Manufacturers

TaskRay G2 Badges TaskRay is a 100% Salesforce-native project management solution focused on getting your customers up and running efficiently. Although every customer is different, we don’t think you should have to recreate the wheel with each one of them. By providing the flexibility of a customizable solution with a templated approach to drive your repeatable business process, TaskRay enables you to bring your customer to value quickly while highlighting the realities and opportunities to improve the process along the way.

  • Simplify and Speed Up Delivery: Set and communicate clear handoff points between teams; track and manage key deliverables including timelines, task dependencies, and ownership; and share critical customer insights throughout your organization.
  • Scale: Move beyond tracking projects in a spreadsheet or in a separate tool outside of Salesforce by creating a scalable and repeatable process that allows your teams to manage more effectively.
  • Engage Customers: Share process and project insights with customers in real-time to keep the most important people in the loop.
  • Increase Visibility: Utilize reports, dashboards, and in-app analytics to unlock keys to improve your overall delivery processes.
  • Integrate Information: Tie in data from other parts of your organization, like from an ERP software, to have a single source of truth and even have part numbers and work instructions interconnected.

TaskRay Customer Onboarding Suite



Professionalize your customer onboarding process and ensure a single source of truth.



Involve the right people and get the visibility you need to deliver every project with excellence.



Monitor, improve and scale your onboarding process with real-time insights and metrics.



Uncover opportunities and nurture relationships with new customer champions.

Full Suite Project Management:  TaskRay’s foundation is a beautifully designed Agile project management solution built inside Salesforce.

Salesforce Cloud Platform:  Because TaskRay is built in Salesforce, you get all the features and benefits you already know and trust.
Security & Access Controls   |   File Management   |   Workflow & Notifications Engine   |   Reports & Business Insights   |   Mobile Apps   |   Configuration Toolkit   |   AI & Analytics   |   APIs

Case Studies

Interested to see what we’ve done for other medical device manufacturers?  You can check out all of our case studies here.

“If you’re shopping for a tool to set up a Scrum workflow in Salesforce, you’ll be impressed with what TaskRay can do.”

Curt Kienast
VP, Global Service Software Dev Group & Global Service Team, Mevion

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TaskRay Reviews

The Salesforce-native Tool Built on Agile

What would it mean for your organization to reduce delivery time by 50%? Are there learnings hidden in your data that would help to inform critical business decisions that could make this happen? TaskRay allows you to harness the power of your Salesforce organization and manage your complex projects at scale, see the bigger picture, and grow your business.