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Growth means success, which is why it’s critical to get every franchise off on the right foot. There are plenty of uncertainties for franchise owners and franchisees when opening a new operation. Because of this, the ability to provide critical guidance and clear steps to launch are the difference between a fast and successful onramp and a bumpy start. In a business where brand is everything, maintaining consistency is key.

“The onboarding process often comes down to the franchisor attempting to pack as much information as possible into the training session and overwhelming the franchisee. In order to have a less frustrating and more meaningful orientation process, however, onboarding should begin as early as the recruitment stage.”

Lane Fisher, ‘Onboarding New Franchisees’

Our Value for Franchise Management

TaskRay G2 Badges TaskRay is a 100% Salesforce-native project management solution specifically designed for customer onboarding. We not only help you onboard new franchisees faster, we also simplify operations and enable your business to scale, all while staying compliant to your core brand.

  • Create a ‘Rinse and Repeat’ Model: Utilize proven best practices for a templated approach that keeps consistency among all of your franchisees.
  • Speed Up Time to Market: Set and communicate clear actions, track and manage key deliverables including timelines, task dependencies, ownership and share critical brand requirements.
  • Uncover Insights: Use real-time data insights to uncover trends, bottlenecks and overall performance at an individual or portfolio level, which enable you to make lasting improvements to your overall business.
  • Engage Your Franchisees: Customize a Salesforce Community so that external stakeholders have access to the real-time information they need, and nothing they don’t, so that they can focus on what’s important.

TaskRay Customer Onboarding Suite



Professionalize your customer onboarding process and ensure a single source of truth.



Involve the right people and get the visibility you need to deliver every project with excellence.



Monitor, improve and scale your onboarding process with real-time insights and metrics.



Uncover opportunities and nurture relationships with new customer champions.

Full Suite Project Management:  TaskRay’s foundation is a beautifully designed Agile project management solution built inside Salesforce.

Salesforce Cloud Platform:  Because TaskRay is built in Salesforce, you get all the features and benefits you already know and trust.
Security & Access Controls   |   File Management   |   Workflow & Notifications Engine   |   Reports & Business Insights   |   Mobile Apps   |   Configuration Toolkit   |   AI & Analytics   |   APIs

Case Studies

Interested to see what we’ve done for other franchise management companies?  You can check out all of our case studies here.

“When reviewing adoption and utilization as KPI’s pre- and post-opening, we found that TaskRay’s visualizations (now making up Pathway) helps with user adoption, because people can use multiple views to access information the way that makes the most sense to them.”

Jenni Doyle
Director of Information & Technical Services, Papa Murphy’s

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Set Them Up for Success the Smart Way

Starting a franchise relationship off with transparency and strong process leads to the retention of driven, happy and profitable franchisees. TaskRay makes a win-win scenario possible by ensuring that everyone is following the same playbook.