scary onboarding storiesLike zombies that come out on a full moon, bad customer onboarding experiences will inevitably come back to haunt you.

We’ve heard our share of scary onboarding stories and in honor of the scariest day of the year (besides April 15), we’re sharing our top three scariest customer onboarding stories along with a few tips to avoid these frightening fiascos.

Scary Story 1: Time is money! The faster we onboard customers, the better!

Wrong. Companies that adopt the speed over quality approach to customer onboarding might see a spike in business early on, but often end up with a higher churn rate in the long run?


Because focusing simply on the speed of onboarding and implementations ignores a critical component of the customer experience: helping your customers access the value of your product or service.

Instead of focusing on the “Time is Money” mantra, try “Time is Value”. A well-executed process will help your customers get value from your product and make them brand ambassadors for life. The challenge, of course, is creating an onboarding process that feels personalized but takes a fraction of the time.

Scary Story 2: We don’t really have an onboarding process in place because every customer is so different.

Yikes! This one is scary. 67% of consumers list bad customer experience as one of the primary reasons for churning (Kolsky). That means you could be losing more than half of the customers you worked so hard to attract.

No matter how unique each customer is, there is one common trait that every one of your customers share: 100% of customers must be onboarded. And while different customers might present a unique set of challenges during the onboarding process, having a consistent system and set of standards goes a long way in establishing your brand and ensuring a quality experience.

We discussed the challenge of managing highly complex customer onboarding processes at scale in a recent webinar with the folks at SmarterHQ. Check out the webinar to learn more.

Scary Story 3: We’ve invested heavily in our sales process, but haven’t had time or money to improve our onboarding.

Oh no. Your sales funnels is growing, but what happens to those prospects once they become customers?

If they’re not happy, they’ll likely churn and even worse, post a negative review (95% of customers share bad experiences publicly).

The handoff between sales and customer success should feel seamless (and dare we say, fun and exciting?!). To make that happen, companies should invest in their customer onboarding process before its too late.

A solid onboarding process fosters long term loyalty and can impact your bottom line so ignoring it is just, well, scary!

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