World-class support, your way.

We are pleased to announce that in addition to our always-free Standard Support Plan, we now offer a Platinum Support Plan for our customers who need a little more help to achieve continued success with TaskRay. The primary benefit of our Platinum Support plan is that it includes guidance from our support team as you work with TaskRay to meet your specific business goals in your Salesforce org.

Both our Standard and Platinum Support Plans are intended for those who intend to handle their TaskRay build-out themselves. If you would like someone else to handle your build-out, please contact your Account Manager—they will be happy to recommend a trusted Salesforce Implementation Partner

Here’s a quick look at our two levels of support:



Unlimited access to our top-rated support site & content

Unlimited access to customer-focused webinars

Ability to log unlimited cases


15% of annual subscription costs or $1,250*

Everything in Standard Support, plus:

Advanced Configuration Support

Complex Use Case Support

Customization Support

Custom Build Diagnostics

Priority Ticket Routing

Proactive Case Monitoring

Account Review & Recommendations

*The annual cost for Platinum Support is 15% of your ARR or $1,250, whichever is greater. Your account must successfully complete Premier or Enterprise onboarding before Platinum Support can begin. For details, please speak with your Account Executive or Account Manager.

Features and benefits of Platinum Support

"We’re setting up an advanced configuration and need to speak to an expert."

  Advanced Configuration Support
(limited to 30 minutes per call)
  Our support team will provide consultation for advanced TaskRay configurations beyond what is documented on our support site. Some examples include: Community set up, custom permissions, complex object relationships and multiple app integrations. Includes guidance on which types of licenses to purchase, types of permissions to use, etc.

"We need a proof of concept for a complex use case, but don’t have the bandwidth or knowledge to do it ourselves."

  Complex Use Case Support
(one annually)
  Our support team will provide guidance for building out complex use cases with TaskRay. Includes step-by-step directions as well as documentation and/or a dev org for your Admin or SI to use a reference. (This service is not intended for initial TaskRay onboarding.)

"We want to use TaskRay beyond our original use case, but we’re not sure how to do it."

  Customization Support
(up to two hours annually)
  Our support team will review your new or expanded use case and make recommendations for implementation.

"We built this, but it stopped working."

  Custom Build Diagnostics   Our support team will log into your org, determine what the problem is and provide a recommendation for fixing it. (A Custom Build is defined as anything that is not included on our website as an article or support document, or a customization that runs counter to best practices and tips listed in our documentation.)

"We can’t afford to wait 8 hours for an answer."

  Priority Ticket Routing    Response times for your tickets will be reduced during stated business hours. Please refer to TaskRay SLA for details.

"We’d like to see if there’s a pattern in our tickets, but don’t have the time to review them ourselves."

  Proactive Case Monitoring & Report   Our support team will monitor your tickets throughout the year and provide your account manager with a recap of your tickets from the previous year, an analysis of the tickets and recommendations for best practices, updates, process fixes, etc.

"We want to maximize our investment with TaskRay."

  Account Review & Recommendations   Your Account Manager will review your TaskRay Case Report with you in your annual renewal meeting. (Includes all cases submitted over the last 12 months.)


Platinum Support assumes that your company will handle TaskRay and Salesforce configurations and customizations. In addition, we will not provide changes or adjustments in customer orgs which interfere with standard TaskRay features and functionality, nor will we troubleshoot errors or issues unrelated to TaskRay/caused by another app.


Does Platinum Support include any hands-on time by your support team to help us build-out or customize TaskRay?
Sorry, but no. If you want someone to handle your build-out and/or help maintain your advanced configurations and customizations, we suggest engaging a Salesforce consultant. Check out our list of trusted implementation partners or contact your Account Manager for a recommendation.

Does Platinum Support include help with onboarding?
Our support plans are designed to help you after you have onboarded TaskRay. If you need help with onboarding, please ask your Account Executive or Account Manager for details.

Does Platinum Support include Admin training?
Training is not included in Platinum Support. The majority of our resources are on our Support Site and we hold monthly webinars specifically geared towards Admins.

Will you build custom dashboard and reports for us?
The short answer is no. TaskRay data is generated in Salesforce using their existing reporting functionality to report on almost anything in TaskRay. TaskRay does come with some pre-packaged dashboards and reports in our Dashboard and Reports Extension Pack. But if you need help building custom dashboards and reports, we recommend using Salesforce’s resources such as Trailheads.

Who is eligible for Platinum Support?
All customers are eligible, but the minimum annual fee of $1,250 will apply regardless of your ARR. For new customers, your account must successfully complete Standard or Premium onboarding before Platinum Support can begin.

Do I buy it one time and have it for life?
Platinum Support is an annual plan that is paid for at the same time as your TaskRay license(s) renewal.

Can I cancel at any time?
If you decide Platinum Support isn’t for you, please let us know in advance of your next renewal date.

What if I don’t want it now but change my mind halfway through the year? 
Talk to your Account Manager—they will help get you set up with Platinum Support when it makes sense for you.

Need help deciding if Platinum Support is right for you?
If you’re not sure if you need Platinum Support, we highly recommend speaking with your Account Executive or Account Manager to explore how to maximize your investment with TaskRay.