Stay ahead of the curve with a right-sized tool

A wide variety of professional services companies take advantage of 100% Salesforce-native TaskRay to help manage their business. In fact, TaskRay is even used by many Salesforce Implementation consultancies.

There are many key elements required in order to be a successful professional services company. Not only do you need high quality consultants with the expertise, talent and knowledge to assist your customers and drive the business forward, but you also need the right tools to manage and track the work you provide to your clients. Most tools designed to support professional services are either too flimsy to build a business on or so unwieldy they don’t get adoption. Because you can customize TaskRay for your business and modify it as you grow, it’s the perfect “right-sized” tool for growing consultancies.

TaskRay helps create, manage and track projects and tasks. Additionally, TaskRay enables teams to easily track and report on consultant’s time, hours, and rates. You can even involve clients in their projects by using TaskRay’s external sharing options for read-only views to fully functional TaskRay project management in a Salesforce Community.

Just a few happy customers using TaskRay for consulting project management

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