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For a 5-star project management solution on Salesforce, choose TaskRay

Plan. Work. Report. Repeat.

TaskRay is designed to make it easy to plan out projects, execute work, and report on the most vital metrics. And once it comes full circle, it’s easy to repeat the success over and over again. No matter what industry you’re in, the right project management tool makes all the difference.

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Without a solid plan in place, it’s challenging to reach good outcomes—this makes planning the foundation of successful projects. With TaskRay, tasks and the dependencies between them can be quickly scheduled in our Gantt-style Plan View. In Calendar View, due dates are in clear view and potential conflicts are easy to spot. And to make sure data is secure, TaskRay puts you in control of visibility and sharing at both the project and team member levels.


Doing the work is the heartbeat of every project. TaskRay offers a multitude of thoughtfully designed features that make it easy for teams to get work done on time. In Kanban View, tasks can be managed like sticky notes on a whiteboard using drag-and-drop actions. In Row View, you can group tasks by various attributes and make bulk updates. Additionally, a weekly Agenda can be viewed right in TaskRay and daily to-do’s delivered can be delivered directly to mailboxes with our Daily Email Planners.


Reporting makes it possible to gain insights into current and historical data, empowering intelligent decisions that will help your organization thrive. TaskRay puts project data at your fingertips by displaying important project health metrics right in the app. TaskRay also provides transparency into how much time is spent on projects and tasks with built-in time tracking functionality. And reporting is made easy with our FREE Dashboard & Reporting Pack.


With the power of TaskRay’s templates and automation,  the process of creating and updating projects can be streamlined by copying and combining project templates. Even better, templates can be automated to kick off and modify projects when a specific action takes place in Salesforce..

“Love the interface and that it’s Salesforce native. Great tool.”


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