We understand there are many factors that go into being a successful professional services company. Not only do you need a high-performing team with the expertise, talent and knowledge to serve your clients and drive the business forward, but you also need the right tools to help manage and track all of the projects and tasks involved.

TaskRay is the project management tool of choice for a wide range of professional services companies—from creative services such as advertising agencies, web consultancies and design studios to IT, HR, sales and business consultancies. In fact, TaskRay is used by many Salesforce implementation consultancies to effectively track their projects.

With TaskRay, you can efficiently create, manage and track all the projects and tasks your team perform for your clients. You can also easily track and report on your teams’ time, hours and rates.

We know one of the hardest things about evaluating a new tool for your team is envisioning, “How would this actually work for us?” Read on to learn more about how TaskRay can help your team become indispensible to your clients.


No two businesses are alike. That’s why we created TaskRay with the ability to be customized to suit your needs. And because TaskRay is 100% Salesforce native, customizations are as easy to do as anywhere else in Salesforce. Many customizations can be implemented within a matter of minutes and require no coding whatsoever—all just simple “point and click” Salesforce admin work. 

With TaskRay, customization is limited only by your imagination. You can create custom fields to track project data, as well as create process automations that trigger new Salesforce records, field updates, email notifications and much more. This, along with robust reporting and dashboard functionality allows you to truly personalize TaskRay to suit your needs, no matter what business you’re in.

Here are some best-practices for optimizing for success.

1. Set up process automations.

2. Create custom fields.

Here’s an article about how to quickly create custom fields in TaskRay.

3. Manage and report on time your way.

One of the main customizations that many professional services companies add to TaskRay is the ability to efficiently log, track and report upon time. This helps answer many important questions such as:

  • How many hours did we allocate to project A? Project B?
  • Why did we spend 20% more time on project A vs. project B?
  • How many hours in project C are billable? What is the total value of these hours for the past week, month, quarter?
  • How many hours does Consultant A have remaining for the week, month, quarter?
  • Which consultant has the most/fewest number of estimated work hours remaining this week, month, quarter?
  • Who has capacity to take on a new project?
  • Which tasks within our projects use the most time?

The answers to these questions can have an enormous impact on the success of your business and will allow you to quickly identify trends and efficiencies which can be used to streamline your processes even further, allowing you to service clients more effectively as well as provide the opportunity to take on more customers.  

With TaskRay, your team has the ability to efficiently enter, calculate and display time. But the real power is in the ability to create fully customized reports.


You can report on almost all the data within TaskRay using our free dashboard extension pack (available on the AppExchange) or by creating your own parameters. TaskRay allows you to create specific metrics to help with resource allocation, rate calculations and so on. For example, you could add “Hours Estimated“ and “Hours Remaining” formula fields to calculate the difference between completed and estimated hours. Or you could add a “Rate” field that shows the hourly rate for the task (e.g. $100 per hour) and combine that with a “Total Cost” field that calculates the sum of the rate and completed hours.


TaskRay data can be represented in powerful, actionable dashboards. For example, each TaskRay task is assigned to an “Owner”. If you are tracking the Estimated, Completed and Remaining task hours, you can easily create a Dashboard that shows all the remaining task hours by resource for the week, month, quarter, etc., allowing you to quickly see who is overburdened, who can take on extra work, and who needs help.

Six easy steps for adding effective time tracking to TaskRay.

4. Enter time on-the-go.

One of the challenges with tracking time is, well, tracking time. If it's hard to do, people won’t do it. But, when you take advantage of TaskRay for Mobile, your team can easily log their time while on-the-go directly from their mobile device.

Read more about setting up TaskRay for Mobile.


To give you a sense of what's possible, here's an example of how a Salesforce Consulting Partner customized TaskRay to manage their professional services engagements. Based on these customizations, they even developed their own enhanced time tracking tool that includes a custom stopwatch feature.


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