Rob Boyd

Product Manager

Rob helps our customers and partners determine the best ways of using TaskRay in the context of their business. After growing up in a variety of places, he graduated from the University of Denver after studying international business and spending time abroad in Beijing, China. He’d been passionate about computers from a young age, but never thought he’d be working with technology for a living. That changed when he was introduced to relational databases and cloud computing early in his career, and he’s been working in the Salesforce ecosystem ever since.

Rob finds professional inspiration in developing creative solutions to difficult problems. He believes that simplicity is the ultimate sophistication, particularly in the world of enterprise software, and tries to bring a balance of technical expertise and thoughtful, interpersonal skills to work every day. He’s also proud to admit his geeky love of Salesforce!

Outside of work he enjoys weightlifting, the Seattle Seahawks, traveling to new places, and virtually all sports that involve riding a board.