A great customer experience starts with communication

We’re excited to announce the launch of our newest eBook: The Art of Conversation for Customer Success. You can download your free copy now!

The cornerstone of a strong relationship is communication, but are you aware of how effectively (or ineffectively) you may be communicating? Not just with your colleagues, but with your customers?

Our latest eBook dives into the foundations of building productive relationships through thoughtful communication techniques. We’ve partnered with Carolyn Keyes, a partner at Velocity Plus,  and Creative Industry Coach for Fellows in the Sundance Insitute Diveristy and Inclusion program, among many other accolades! Carolyn joined our own VP of Marketing and Chief of Staff, Jamie Cole, joining their collective expertise to co-author this eBook.

The Elements of a Successful Conversation

The eBook delves into 7 crucial elements of a successful conversation (which may seem like a lot, but can be easily integrated into your current approach). Applying these tested concepts to your communication style can quickly take you and your team to a more productive style of communication and save you time and money! 

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