What is TaskRay?


As a native app, TaskRay is a powerful extension of the Salesforce platform:

  1. Drives post-sale automation in Salesforce where teams are already closing deals.

  2. Allows teams to collaborate internally and with external customers/clients.

  3. Provides seamless data integration with Salesforce and other solutions such as Quip.

What is the Customer Onboarding Accelerator?

TaskRay’s Customer Onboarding Accelerator Is Your First Class Ticket To Customer Success

When you close a deal with a new customer, the best way to ensure success is to provide a seamless onboarding process—that's where TaskRay comes in.

The TaskRay Onboarding Accelerator includes:

  • A Template Library with custom templates for Generic Onboarding, SaaS Onboarding, and Wealth Management Client Onboarding.

  • Pre-built Automation Configurations that allow teams to:

    • Automatically Create New Onboarding Projects When an Opportunity Status is Updated to Closed Won.

    • Track Onboarding Metrics on Account. 

  • Customer onboarding specific reports and dashboards.

  • Extensive support documentation and a Customer Onboarding Accelerator Guide.

TaskRay Customer Onboarding Accelerator Video

This video provides an overview of the TaskRay Customer Onboarding Accelerator.

Installation Instructions

All new installs of TaskRay include the Customer Onboarding Accelerator.

Note: You must install TaskRay before you can access the Customer Onboarding Accelerator.

For best results, you should also install the TaskRay Dashboard Pack and TaskRay Lightning Components.

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