You've just made an investment in TaskRay to solve a business problem.

Studies show that if you don't invest the time and money to configure and train your team on new systems,  you are at risk of an under-performing or worse - a failed implementation.

Let us advise you on the best way to configure your projects and the system to help you realize your vision for partnering with TaskRay. The Customer Onboarding training will speed teams path to efficiency and command of features and setup for your specific business need.

1. Discovery Call

60 minute call with your organization’s designated representative and TaskRay’s Account Manager, Account Executive and Senior Support Analyst to get an understanding of your use case and where we can be of specific guidance. We will use the information from this call to customize your consultations and end user training.

2. Project Consultation

Two hour consultation to go over project setup and structure.

3. Configuration Consultation

Two hour call with our technical expert to ensure successful TaskRay configuration.

4. Taskray Training For Project Managers

Two hours of remote training for project managers and technical resources. The session will cover building and working projects, staying organized, and reporting.

5. TaskRay Training For Business Users

One and a half hours of remote training for an unlimited number of attendees. The session will cover both product and process. The session can be recorded for future use. 
(Includes standard training materials)

Cost: $2,795*

*All consultations and training are done remotely, but if you would like customized and/or on-site training please inquire.