Mike Davis

VP of Sales, TaskRay

Succeeding in sales isn’t just about signing the deal, it’s also about the handoff. Mike got his start in customer support and has a lot of experience managing the disappointing gaps between customers’ pre-sale expectations and their post-sale reality. So when he entered the world of sales, he brought a cooperative consulting approach to his sales strategy. He looks beyond the dotted line to the finish line—successfully onboarding a new customer—to ensure that the initial customer journey turns into a strong long-term relationship.

Mike might not be a Colorado native, but he’s fully embraced the active lifestyle and relaxed, yet competitive attitude that drives professional achievement in the Front Range business community. His priority is building a sales culture that celebrates the wins but also rallies around the losses to learn together and lift every team member up. Mike’s passion for mentorship and giving back has inspired him to serve as an advisor in sales camps and incubators to help create more diversity in tech sales in the Colorado area. He believes in giving people a chance and takes pride in not having degree requirements for sales roles.

At TaskRay, Mike and his team drive sales through a relentless focus on customer success. They align customers’ desired business outcomes with the right product mix, implementation team, and onboarding support they need to make those outcomes a reality. As one of the top experts in go-to-market sales strategy in the Salesforce ecosystem, Mike loves the chase. He knows that every successful deal depends on understanding the customer on a human level and designs solutions that satisfy both their rational and emotional needs.