Marissa was born and raised in Salt Lake City, UT but she always had a calling for Denver. Mostly because of its sun and amazing choice of craft beers!

She worked in the automotive industry for nine years where she cultivated a passion for customer’s and their success. This is where she first started using and learning about CRM’s. Before she knew it she was working in the world of Salesforce and was able to really nerd out with all that it has to offer.

Here at TaskRay, Marissa is a Sr. Account Manager where she is able to hone in on her passion for customers and Salesforce. She enjoys learning about our customer’s organizations and how she can bring them more value & success through TaskRay.

Marissa lives in Denver with her husband Charles and their 16lb Maine Coone cat named Tractor. She enjoys the outdoors, especially hiking, and has a love for travel.


1. In 140 characters or less describe what do you do at TaskRay? I help our customers make sure they are getting the most out of TaskRay!

2. Secret talent? I can do the splits.

3. Guilty pleasure? Chipotle burrito bowl

4. If you could have dinner with one person alive or dead, who would it be? Bill Murray

5. Celebrity doppelgänger? I don't know! In high school it was Jewel but I had short blonde hair.

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Marissa Laarsen   Sr. Account Manager

Marissa Laarsen

Sr. Account Manager