If the year 2020 showed us anything, it’s that even the best laid plans sometimes have to change. When onboarding new customers, sometimes your templated processes need to be quickly adjusted as unforeseen circumstances arise. With the latest TaskRay release, we are excited to deliver new functionality that makes managing large amounts of ever-changing work easier than ever! Let’s dive in.

Spreadsheet View

This new All Work view allows users to quickly make changes to tasks as things come up. 

This view, available in Standard and Premium editions, has many of the features found in a traditional spreadsheet, such as sorting, multiple row selection, multiple cell selection, bulk updates, and bulk deletes. 

Templated processes can’t predict the future. Now users can add new tasks on-the-fly when adjustments to the project plan are required. 

Spreadsheet View

On-Hold Projects

Projects don’t always follow the same trajectory, even with the best and most consistent processes in place. TaskRay’s new on-hold projects feature allows users to temporarily pause a project and remove it from their views to account for unforeseen changes to the plan.

Utilize the new standard board filter, On Hold Projects, to filter projects separate from other categories, such as archived projects. 

Easily resume your on-hold projects when you’re ready using the new resume button in the project modal. 

Time Enhancements

New enhancements to the time tracking feature allows for better utilization forecasts and reporting. 

Easily track billable versus non-billable time calculations (estimates and actuals) at the task, task group, and project level so that your users can predictably hit their utilization targets, and you can have more visibility into project revenue. 

You can now also default time entries to billable or non-billable at the task level, both for forecasting purposes and ease-of-entry. 

Architecture Enhancements

An underlying architectural enhancement now allows adding more columns to the Plan, Portfolio, and Spreadsheet Views, so that you can see exactly what data you need, in exactly the view you want.

For times when large projects or complex hierarchies need to be viewed in one place, we’ve enhanced the way we load data onto the TaskRay board. 

Finally, open multiple tabs of TaskRay so that you can manage your work from multiple views at the same time. 



Important Dates for the March 2021 Release

March 6: Automatic Sandbox Update; Available in AppExchange; Available via Direct Install Link

March 16: Webinar: TaskRay March 2021 Release Overview  REGISTER NOW

March 23: Webinar: Upgrading to the March 2021 Release REGISTER NOW

March 27: Automatic Production Update

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