Laura Pellar

Laura is a Customer Onboarding Specialist at TaskRay. She grew up in Sacramento, California and spent most summers in Estes Park, Colorado. When it was time to look at colleges she knew she wanted to be in Colorado and ended up attending and graduating from University of Denver with a degree in International Business. Her career began with a startup Salesforce App (Conga) back in 2011 and she’s been in the Salesforce ecosystem ever since as a consultant and internal admin. She’s passionate about helping customers succeed and truly loves being a part of the journey.

She met my husband at DU and they now have 2 Bernese Mountain Dogs and 1 daughter. She spends most of her free time enjoying all that Colorado has to offer, with lots of hiking and skiing.


1. In 140 characters or less describe what do you do at TaskRay? 
I set up our customers for success

2. Secret talent?  
Getting people to tell me their secrets

3. Guilty pleasure? 
French wine & baths (sometimes at the same time)

4. If you could have dinner with one person alive or dead, who would it be? 
Amelia Earhart – but seriously, where did she go?!

5. Celebrity doppelgänger? 
Allison Williams

Laura Pellar

Laura Pellar
Customer Onboarding Specialist

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