Create customers for life. 

There is no time more critical to a new client’s experience than during onboarding. But without a strong onboarding solution, getting your customers from sale to delivery can be a little (or a lot!) bumpy. 

Onboarding teams want to be in the loop. Sales teams want relevant, up-to-date info on their customer’s fulfillment progress. But often, both teams find themselves with no single, shared, up-to-date source of truth, making it difficult to understand what work has started, what is complete, and what remains to be done. That’s why companies like Mevion Medical Systems and Modacto (now Xede) use TaskRay to provide customer onboarding and installation experiences that enable them to get off on the right foot with each and every customer. 

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“TaskRay gives us the ability to monitor the progress of an installation in real time anywhere in the world.”

CURT KIENAST | Mevion Medical Systems




Just a few of our happy onboarding customers.

Avoid the three biggest mistakes in customer onboarding.