Kelli Sanchez

Kelli is a Sr. Customer Success Manager at TaskRay. Hailing from the Chicago metropolitan area, her career has spanned a few different industries including telecom, agile software, and email analytics. Her focus has been on building great relationships and working with customers to help them get the most value out of their investment.

She’s a beach girl who grew up on the Northwest Indiana shores of Lake Michigan and transplanted to the foothills of Colorado with her husband. Since the move, they’ve added two “Colorado natives” to the state and also have a four-legged friend.


1. In 140 characters or less describe what do you do at TaskRay? 
I help our customers provide a first class on-boarding experience to their customers

2. Secret talent?  
Getting the printer at home to print

3. Guilty pleasure? 
Playing solitaire on my phone

4. If you could have dinner with one person alive or dead, who would it be? 
Oprah or Warren Buffet

5. Celebrity doppelgänger? 

AJ Kamish

Kelli Sanchez
Sr. Customer Success Manager

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