Jon Barlow

Account Executive

Jon does whatever he can to keep our customers happy and assist anyone who is interested in becoming one of our happy customers. He started his career selling home entertainment packages in department stores – he was the person standing in the middle of the aisle with a clipboard that you avoided at all costs. This led to his getting a job as a Business Development Representative at a business technologies company where he spent two years training on office equipment and door-to-door cold calling on businesses to sell printers and copiers.

As you can imagine, those positions forced him to develop some pretty thick skin, but through the haze of rejection one of the things he realized was that he genuinely enjoyed helping people solve problems. Whether that was upgrading to a new cable package or getting that new color copier – it didn’t matter, he was passionate about positively transforming the way people live and work. At TaskRay he applies this passion to helping organizations transform the way they manage their business processes, all without leaving the Salesforce platform.