App Talks Customer CaSe StudyVIDEO

TaskRay was featured in a Salesforce App Talks video with a customer: SmarterHQ

We tell our users that converting your customers into evangelists on day one is a main advantage of TaskRay. We also love to give demos because we believe that ‘seeing is believing’. So what better way to walk our talk than let you watch a Salesforce segment featuring one of our customers?

Quick Quote: “Before TaskRay… It was a dark time… with a lot of individualized documents and spreadsheets that didn’t allow us to get an overview of what everybody was doing.

Don’t have time to watch the full video? Just watch the parts you’re most interested in. Salesforce has segmented the video by topic (click to view):

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We have 1,500 customers around the world who use TaskRay for customer / client onboarding and implementation, project management, and more.