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Torrent Consulting is a fast-growing consulting company that builds business solutions on the Salesforce platform and has a heart for social impact. Torrent has over 90 team members across five hubs in the U.S. and Guatemala and is a Salesforce Gold Partner.


Kristy Sharrow
Director of Marketing

“TaskRay supports Torrent’s process of going from strategy to execution.”

The Torrent Consulting team uses TaskRay to manage a variety of business processes from executive meetings to the day-to-day task management of its teams. We spoke with Director of Marketing, Kristy Sharrow, to learn more about how TaskRay helps their growing team stay focused.

Why TaskRay?


Torrent Consulting builds business solutions on the Salesforce platform and as part of these services, they fully embrace the solutions they share with customers. TaskRay stood out to them because of its native functionality and ability to meet their internal needs.


For Torrent, tracking and reporting on high priority projects is critical. They needed a tool that helped them visualize priorities, establish strategy, and manage execution, all within Salesforce.

Torrent selected TaskRay as a cross-functional solution for various business processes — from executive level management and goal tracking to campaign development and meeting organization.


Benefits of TaskRay:

Providing Executive Visibility: For Torrent’s Executive Team, tracking and reporting on high-priority projects is critical. They now use TaskRay to track progress against company-wide goals, run strategy sessions, and track their hiring queue.

Enabling Seamless Communication: The team at Torrent has customized TaskRay to meet the needs of their internal meeting structure and now manages many critical meeting agendas with Tasks, Checklists and Chatter. TaskRay’s Checklist feature provides a clear meeting agenda with assignment to team members, and native Chatter functionality helps keep conversations focused on the tasks at hand.

Dynamic Campaign Management: TaskRay’s Templates have been crucial for helping Torrent’s Marketing team to create repeatable campaigns, run webinars, and manage virtual events. New projects and campaigns can be quickly created and assigned to team members for efficient execution and post-event reporting.

Managing A Fast-Moving Employee Hiring Process: Torrent is growing quickly and the hiring team uses TaskRay to keep all team members aligned around job openings and progression toward filling those roles.

Meaningful Data and Powerful Reporting: As a metrics-driven team, the ability to pull TaskRay data directly into Salesforce dashboards is crucial. Because many projects are managed in TaskRay, reporting has become easier and more transparent.

Single Source of Truth: With a diversity of use cases throughout the organization, the biggest benefit of TaskRay for Torrent is how it provides the entire organization with a single source of truth. From project origination, to task assignment, to reporting, TaskRay helps align strategy with execution.

Global Actions Easily Create Requests: The marketing and support teams at Torrent are now able to manage their large volume of requests through a simple Global Action setup to create a TaskRay Task every time a request form is submitted. This has helped ensure that requests don’t pile up in scattered channels (like gchat or written notes), and instead reach the right team at the right time, with the appropriate level of urgency.

The final word

TaskRay has helped the Torrent Consulting team align on what’s important and never lose sight on the end goal of helping their customers be successful.


Learn more about TaskRay

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