case studY: Project Management / Agile dev

PrimePay provides small businesses with payroll, HR, time tracking, and benefits admin services that help to ensure compliance and provide support during the employee lifecycle.


Joe Pellicano
VP, Strategic Initiatives

“The visual language that TaskRay enabled us to create
is worth its weight in gold.”

How are you using TaskRay?

Before TaskRay, we had a strong process for payroll services, but we needed something to make it less manual. We were using hard copies of reports and different colored highlighters to mark up payroll schedules for each client. The process itself wasn’t bad, but it did leave room for error. 

Today, our group of 130 uses TaskRay less as a traditional project management tool, and more as process management tool. TaskRay pulls the schedule from a different system for when it’s time to run payroll. Once the data is in TaskRay, our customer service reps can see when they need to reach out—and who they need to reach out to—to process payroll.

We are currently working on incorporating our billing and invoicing processes into TaskRay.

What features helped you choose Taskray?

When we started looking for a digital solution for our payroll process, we knew we wanted a Kanban board because was important to us to be able to visualize our work in the same way we were with paper and highlighters. 

We also wanted the ability to create custom statuses, notifications, user topics, and labels as well as to automate our process.

We tested a few different apps, including the Salesforce Agile Accelerator, but ultimately picked TaskRay since we could fully customize it to encompass our process and accommodate our communication style.

How has TaskRay improved your business?

  • Thousands of clients are scheduled each day down to the minute—TaskRay helps us to navigate this complexity with ease.

  • Our managers used to spend a lot of time walking around or emailing their team to find out if work was getting done. With TaskRay, they can run customized reports to get the same information—obviously a huge timesaver.

  • At least 40 people have to “touch” the client during any given year.

  • With TaskRay, our communication process is much more efficient, everything is super organized, and nothing is missed anymore.

Why would you recommend TaskRay to another company?

  • First and foremost, TaskRay’s visual management aspect makes it easy to see everything we need to know about the day or a client.

  • Gone are the days when I had to comb through pages of type and data.

  • TaskRay met 75% of our use case and the rest was easy to customize. There hasn’t been anything that I’ve wanted to do that I haven’t been able to. I don’t have a coding background or dev experience, but I am able to deliver process improvements by doing most of the customizations myself.

  • TaskRay is easy to get up and running.

Any last thoughts?

We set up Salesforce and TaskRay to be contextualized around each client. Because everything lives in one platform, we have a 360° view of each client and most importantly, one source of truth. 

If you’re looking to quickly deliver improved business processes for your organization, moving to the Salesforce platform provides access to increased data transparency and process accountability. Apps like TaskRay help you grow and strengthen your business.

We’re looking to gain further efficiencies by using TaskRay to build processes and templates for more of our recurring projects. And because we’re further advanced in our data culture than other companies in our industry, we’re working to integrate as much as possible into Salesforce and TaskRay to use the data to its full potential.


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