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Mercer Advisors is a Registered Investment Advisor (RIA) specializing in helping individuals, families and companies manage their financial life.


Shala Schultz, CFP®
Senior Operations Manager

“TaskRay allows us to serve our clients at a much higher level. When an advisor gets off the phone, TaskRay helps us make sure we are completing what we promised our clients we would complete.”

Shala Schultz is responsible for the systems used to coordinate Mercer Advisor’s field staff efforts with those of internal sales staff and advisors. We spoke with her about all the ways their teams are using TaskRay to manage their new client experience.

What were you using before TaskRay?

Most on our team used a hodgepodge of email and spreadsheets. Some people were using Salesforce and Outlook Tasks. Before TaskRay, our primary project management tool was Excel.

What key features helped you choose TaskRay?

Two things: TaskRay is easy to use and we liked the user interface/aesthetics of it.

Did you try other apps?

We did. All the programs we tested were much harder to use than TaskRay. The average user would not have been able to set them up or use them easily.

How does Mercer Advisors use TaskRay?

Associates (in the field) use project templates to manage the new client experience. We have 50+ standard steps and a lot of task dependencies. TaskRay saves them a lot of time establishing new clients and implementing their financial plan. We use templates both as learning tools and to build/enhance process efficiencies.

Advisors use Salesforce to log call notes and TaskRay Chatter to assign tasks to the team. We also used TaskRay to build a 20-step project template for our quarterly KPI review process.

Managers use TaskRay to stay on top of what team members are working on and to make sure tasks on special projects have been completed — this is especially useful on regional projects where multiple team members are involved..

Corporate uses TaskRay (instead of a Word doc!) for cross-functional weekly meeting agendas by creating a project for each meeting. Everyone can see what the agenda is going to be and can add an item by creating a task.

Where are the opportunities to do more?

We’re looking to gain further efficiencies by using TaskRay to build processes and templates for more of our recurring projects. And because we’re further advanced in our data culture than other companies in our industry, we’re working to integrate as much as possible into Salesforce and TaskRay to use the data to its full potential.

Anything else?

  • TaskRay’s project templates help us have a process and system that ensures things don’t fall through the cracks. 
  • TaskRay allows people to pick up and keep work going in the event of turnover or illness by increasing visibility into projects and tasks. 
  • TaskRay enables Associates to use the same methodology for their topics and filters to cross-train in case someone leaves or is out for a few days. 
  • In TaskRay, it’s easy to create new projects, dependencies, and tasks

“Since we started using TaskRay to execute our new client experience, we’ve seen a 20 percent increase in client retention. Balls don’t get dropped and TaskRay ensures our new client experience is delivered consistently across our team.”


President, Mercer Advisors


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