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Coastal Cloud is a global Salesforce consultancy with deep industry and cloud technology platform expertise that helps organizations deliver innovative solutions in diverse industries—from economic and workforce development to healthcare to high tech.


Kate Vickery
Senior Consultant & Certified Application Architect

“A lot of software doesn’t always do what makes sense. TaskRay does.”

The entire Coastal Cloud team uses TaskRay to manage everything from marketing to client project management to Salesforce implementations and custom development. And they are currently working on pushing TaskRay further upstream for even earlier integration into their sales process. We spoke with senior consultant, Kate Vickery, about how TaskRay has provided a huge assist with company growth.

Pain points


Coastal Cloud is five years old and experiencing high growth. Prior to TaskRay, they were using Acorto to track project financials, Smartsheets for bigger picture and project tracking, and Google Sheets and Docs for task and requirements checklists. As they grew, they found themselves experiencing the pain of “managing off a spreadsheet” and “using a set of tools that worked for tens of people but not for hundreds”.


As Coastal Cloud has grown, they have an increasing need to better manage a broad range of clients and higher complexity of projects.


Work was being tracked and projects were successfully delivered, but consultants needed to go to a number of locations to manage their work, leading to inefficiencies.

Why TaskRay?

According to Kate, the team considered Jira, but TaskRay “jumped out because it’s Salesforce native and lets us do all kinds of customizations—which meant we could make it work just the way we wanted, while keeping it simple and intuitive.”

One challenge was getting the independently minded team on board. Kate and the implementation team listened to everyone’s concerns and spent considerable time re-evaluating their processes. Working together, they came up with consistent process rules, including what can and cannot be tailored to each consultant’s individual client’s needs.

In the end, TaskRay gives Coastal Cloud the flexibility to accommodate their varied client and project needs. And, it was even faster and easier to install than they expected (and their expectations were high!).

Benefits of TaskRay:

Salesforce native: The universal approach that Saleforce and their AppEx partners—like Taskray—take means a lot to the Coastal Cloud team as it ensures a seamless integration and no hassles.

FlexibilityTaskRay solves a broad range of business operation management needs. For example, Coastal Clouds’ consultants use it for customer onboarding and project management, the marketing team to manage everything from RFPs to event planning, and the delivery team to manage the implementation process. And their finance group is loving TaskRay for its ease of reporting. And, the team has found that TaskRay works just as well for both agile and waterfall style project management as it provides a clean way to organize tasks into sprints or into project phases depending of the size of a project or a particular client’s needs

Not cookie cutter: Coastal Cloud’s projects tend to be highly customized with some similar elements. To manage this diversity, Kate and the team created multiple TaskRay templates and checklists that can be stitched into a single project, allowing for an extremely flexible management style.

Easy to customize: Capabilities like customizable customer page layouts and board filters, the ability to add extra objects and build process around status report modules and requirements tracking have been huge for the Coastal Cloud team.

Scalable: In addition to everyone on the Coastal Cloud team using TaskRay in some way, they now have a solution in place that helps them to handle more clients at one time and quickly onboard new staff.

Visibility, “my way”: TaskRay’s wide choice of views are vital for the Coastal Cloud team. Portfolio view allows executive management to see at a glance what’s happening across the entire company. And with the click of a pre-built button, Board Filters and Plan view allow team members to see information in radically different—and highly individualized—ways.

Saves time: In addition to time-saving templates and automations, TaskRay ensures all relevant data is in a central place, which says Kate, “makes everyone on the team very happy”. It also makes it easy to pull customized and reliable reports, rather than manually compiling them from multiple sources.

Collaborative: For clients who don’t have their own project management system, Coastal Cloud uses TaskRay Communities.  (For clients with their own PM system, the team sets up a shell project in TaskRay.) The team loves Communities because they can manage everything in one place. And their clients love it for the visibility and transparency it provides.

The final word

The best thing we heard from Kate is that Coastal Cloud likes TaskRay so much that they recommend it to their own clients. High praise, indeed!

“We’re thrilled that our hard-to-please stakeholder group constantly reaches out to say how much they love TaskRay.”


Learn more about TaskRay

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