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Kelly Pfrommer
Owner & CEO

“With TaskRay, we can now set goals and achieve them.”

Cloud Giants, a growing Salesforce consultancy, has been using TaskRay since the fall of 2016. We spoke with Cloud Giant’s owner and CEO, Kelly Pfrommer, about all the ways TaskRay is supporting their business operations—everyone in the company is on it, from Kelly to their developers to their Finance Director.

Pain points


As a consulting company, Cloud Giants‘ product is time. Not having a reliable way to see who was working on what and for how long made them feel like they were often flying blind when it came to estimating projects or providing schedules they felt confident about to clients.


The team moves fast and was frustrated that conversations, information, files, etc. were falling through the cracks.


Their sales and delivery data wasn’t in the same place. Says Kelly, “Absence of data is hard to know—you don’t know what you don’t have. And, no one has time to go to 25 places to get the data you need.”


Each time a new employee joined the company or they started a new project, they had to rely on memory or static checklists to manage the process.

Why TaskRay?

As Salesforce consultants, Kelly knew they had to walk the talk and make Salesforce their main platform. But Salesforce didn’t offer the features they needed to manage their business. When she discovered TaskRay, Kelly could see right away that it solved all their problems related to team tracking, project management, employee onboarding, and more.

Since Cloud Giants evaluates solutions like TaskRay for a living, it makes them great arbiters of what works, what doesn’t, and why.

The very first thing Kelly said when asked what her favorite thing about TaskRay is, was, “UI, UI, UI! (did I mention UI?!)”. She found that other Professional Services Automation (PSA) solutions may have had more features, but because of their UI they were unusable. She also loves that TaskRay’s UI just keeps getting better (her words, not ours!).

Cloud Giants is also loving templates and automation. A great example is their employee onboarding process. Instead of reinventing the wheel with each new hire, they have set up a template that can be used over and over, but also easily tweaked when needed.

And, with TaskRay’s time tracking feature along with reporting, Kelly and her team have a much clearer picture into how long projects are taking and where time is being spent.


Other reasons Cloud Giants loves TaskRay:

  • Customers can Email to TaskRay and it will land in the exact right place.

  • The Cloud Giants team and their clients find TaskRay’s Kanban and Gantt-style Plan and views extremely helpful when trying to visualize projects, their dev team uses Kanban boards to manage different scrum queues, and their Ops leader is a big fan of Portfolio view.

  • Cloud Giants manages their projects using an agile process and Task Groups are proving super helpful for organization of sprints.

  • Because Cloud Giants is constantly working on the way they do business, the fact that TaskRay customizations are so easy to do will enable them to adapt and evolve however they want.

As doers, Cloud Giants rely on TaskRay’s documentation to get things like customizations done. They have found pretty much everything they’ve needed on the TaskRay support portal and that having to ask a question has been an anomaly. But when they do need real live support, “it has always been great”.

Benefits of TaskRay

  • Since the entire Cloud Giants team is on TaskRay, everyone is connected in real time in one place—to each other, and to the data they need, resulting in improved collaboration, fewer meetings, and less time spent searching for information and files.

  • With TaskRay, it’s much easier to baseline. Going from zero visibility to 100% visibility has been “life changing” in terms of estimating projects.

  • “Having delivery data close to sales data is epic,” says Kelly. “As a business owner, I can now go to a single dashboard and know instantly how we’re doing.”

  • Cloud Giants’ business has doubled in the past year. Kelly is sure they couldn’t have done this without TaskRay.

“Change is hard. But within a week after installing TaskRay, people were saying, ‘why did we wait so long?’”


Learn more about TaskRay

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