TaskRay + Xactly eBook

Simply put, incentives work. And no matter how large your organization or your focus, a well-structured internal and external incentive plan for customer success is proven to make a huge difference. This ebook explains how a properly built plan can positively impact your bottom line and outlines how it can be done.

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We’ll also be presenting a joint webinar with Xactly on Dec. 10th to go into much more detail on the ideas presented in the ebook, including a Q&A session where you can ask specific questions.

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BONUS: TaskRay + Gainsight eBook

Are you looking for general advice, help in developing processes, or just a quick reality check against best practices for Customer Success?

Dive into the areas of Customer Experience, the overall Customer Journey, and Customer Onboarding from two of the leaders in the space with this eBook on perfecting the handoffs from Sales > Customer Onboarding > Customer Success.

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