The May 2020 release provides new tools and enhancements that focus on improving how users can collaborate with their customers during onboarding and track their work more accurately and efficiently in TaskRay. We’re especially excited to deliver this new functionality during a time when many of us are working remotely and are in greater need of tools to help stay connected with teammates and customers from afar. Let’s review some of the features and enhancements included in the new release.

Track Time More Efficiently with Timesheet Enhancements

We’ve redesigned the Timesheet to make it easier to visualize and track time across an entire body of work in TaskRay and for users to execute their most important actions when logging time.

TaskRay Timesheet

New quick filters make it easy for users to find and add the right tasks to the Timesheet, and a new input format for adding time entries helps them enter data more efficiently.

TaskRay Timesheet - Log Time

Collaborate with Customers Using the TaskRay Customer Onboarding Community Template

Using TaskRay in Salesforce Communities is a proven way to engage with customers during onboarding, facilitate more direct collaboration, and deliver a world-class experience during one of the most important stages of the customer journey. By giving you the ability to assign tasks directly to Customer Community Users and work in the same shared space, customers become active participants in onboarding projects and are more invested in achieving their desired outcomes.

Our goal with the new TaskRay Customer Onboarding Community Template is to make it faster and easier to deploy Salesforce Communities for onboarding so that TaskRay customers can experience the many benefits of involving their customers directly in projects. The managed package for the new Community Template can be quickly installed from a new tab in the Tools & Settings menu and provides a starting point for administrators to deploy TaskRay in a Salesforce Community. In about 10 minutes, you can have a basic TaskRay Community up and running!

TaskRay Community Template Editor

Accelerate Deployment of External Sharing Links & Customer Onboarding Feedback Forms

We’ve also added two new utilities in the May 2020 release to help customers experience the benefits of TaskRay’s advanced functionality around external collaboration. The new External Sharing Links setup utility makes it easier than ever to deploy a Salesforce Public Site and start sharing the real-time status and progress of projects with external stakeholders, and the Onboarding Feedback Forms setup utility helps you begin gathering information from customers about their experience during onboarding.

TaskRay External Sharing Setup Utility

For complete information about everything included, check out the May 2020 Release Notes.


Important Dates for the May 2020 Release

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