Dreamforce 2019

Come see why TaskRay is the leading enterprise customer onboarding solution built on Salesforce.

Check out our latest release.

Our November 2019 release is live — check out all the details here. Come by our booth at Dreamforce to talk more about how TaskRay can take your onboarding process to the next level.

Visit our booth.

Visit us at booth 337 to learn more and pick up some TaskRay swag. (Map coming soon!)

Meet with us.

You can find us at our booth in the Dreamforce Campground all week long — look for booth 337! We’ll also be meeting with customers, partners and those interested in TaskRay at the nearby Virgin Hotel (hosted by Simplus). Interested in connecting with us? Send an email to to schedule time.

Attend a speaker session.

Members of our team will be presenting in Dreamforce sessions this year. Attending a session or demo jam is a great way to learn more about our products, our technology, and how we operate our business. Plus, it’s a great way to connect with members of our team. Please come by and say “Hello” we’d love to meet you.


The CSS We All Need to Know

Join TaskRay CTO and Co-founder, Mike Tetlow as he discusses tips and tricks with CSS.

A lot of developers look at CSS as an afterthought and an annoyance. The trick with CSS is to spend a bit of time to learn how quickly accomplish tasks. In this session our goal is to ensure that you can accomplish common tasks we all encounter in web development. We’ll also cover how to leverage tools Salesforce gives us, such as the SLDS, and when it is time to start doing things a bit more custom. This session will focus on: 1) The core utility classes within the SLDS that you can leverage and when to leverage them. 2) 5 minutes of Flexbox education and how it will save you 5hrs a week. 3) Straightforward tips and tricks regarding basic CSS (ie how to use postion relative and absolute) Attendees will leave this session with a newfound appreciation for common CSS techniques and know when and how to apply it effectively.


Admin Demo Jam

You’re invited to an epic, action-packed Demo Jam where AppExchange partners — Conga, Formstack, OwnBackup, and TaskRay — will each have only three minutes to showcase the best of their admin apps with a real-time demo. The winner is chosen by you, the audience. Join us for this fast-paced, highly-anticipated battle of the app demos.


Supercharge Your Demos with Trialforce:
Best Practices for ISVs

Join TaskRay Product Manager, Rob Boyd for a presentation on how to leverage Trialforce for your ISV.

In this session, AppExchange ISV partners will be invited to learn how they can use Trialforce and Environment Hub to create on-demand, sales-ready demo environments to help standardize and scale their ability to showcase their app to prospects. Attendees will learn best practices from the Product Manager of a leading Salesforce ISV application around the technical aspects of setting up, configuring, and maintaining Trialforce to provision demo environments to internal employees on demand. They will also learn tips and tricks around how to showcase your AppExchange app in the best light to make it easy for sales teams to deliver demos that show the most critical functionality and drive conversions. Finally, attendees will learn a few ways to help enable internal teams and ensure their success with provisioning Trialforce demo environments to maximize adoption.