Customer Onboarding

Mōdacto (now Xede) is a Minnesota-based Salesforce Silver Consulting Partner specializing in integration and optimization of the Salesforce platform to help growth-minded companies accelerate and achieve their unique objectives. Mōdacto’s end-to-end approach ensures maximum outcomes and greater returns on a Salesforce investment by helping clients do what they do, better.



Carlos Villalpando MVP
Sr. Director of Technology Services

“We fell in love with TaskRay from the first task. There are other agile project management tools, but they are either too light or too unwieldy. TaskRay is the Goldilocks — just right.”

Modacto’s internal delivery staff uses TaskRay to manage key processes in their business ranging from new client onboarding through to project completion. Further, one of Mōdacto’s core values is Openness and they implemented TaskRay within Salesforce’s Community Cloud to create a shared environment where they can communicate and share real time project status with their customers in alignment with this value. We spoke to Carlo Villapando, Modacto’s Sr. Director of Technology Services about how they use TaskRay to meet their internal management needs.

Why TaskRay?

We were using Milestones, a free project management tool available on the AppExchange. But in our Salesforce implementation work with our customers, we prescribe that right-sizing functionality and tools is paramount to adoption and consistent use. So, as we assessed our own environment through this lens, we saw TaskRay as the clear winner to attain our own right-sizing goal for both our internal management needs and in our sharing approach with our customers. We find the Kanban board approach is more intuitive and understandable for our team and our customers.

How has TaskRay improved your business?

Because TaskRay is easy to adopt and use, we’ve realized gains in efficiency and effectiveness across our entire project portfolio and an elevated experience for our customers. Among the greatest benefits are improved productivity through clear internal communications on project status, and greater collaboration, credibility and trust with our customers from sharing this information via our Salesforce Customer Community.

“Once the data is exposed, the customer is aligned with you every step of the way.”

Anything else?

One of our internal team member’s unofficial jobs is to make my life difficult by trying to break TaskRay. They’re trying, but they haven’t succeeded.

Learn More About TaskRay

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