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Toast provides a restaurant management platform that combines point of sale, hardware, software, and payment processing with a suite of third-party integrations to help restaurateurs improve operations, grow revenue, and delights guests.

Interview With

Matt Merola
Senior Program Manager

“With TaskRay, workloads have been easier to manage and our customer onboarding team is able to manage more customers in a more structured way.”

Pain points before TaskRay?

Prior to TaskRay, Toast was managing and tracking customer onboarding projects using a single custom object in Salesforce, adding different fields along the way for customization. But with their company’s rapid growth, they needed a more sophisticated tool that could plug into the other technology they rely on to execute onboardings — like Salesforce Field Service Lightning and Cirrus Insight.

While the customer onboarding process can follow a specific set of criteria, each Toast customer comes with unique needs and challenges. They needed a tool that would provide a templatized process and the ability to customize along the way.

Why TaskRay?

After evaluating several tools, Toast identified TaskRay as the customer onboarding solution that met both their requirements and price. TaskRay enabled them to migrate from their old process while keeping all of their data on the Salesforce platform.

How does Toast onboard customers with TaskRay?

Toast relies on multiple teams and processes to bring customers live on their platform. They have built an onboarding project creation flow within TaskRay to help to assess each type of customer (onsite or remote), what team should be working with that customer, and then are able to generate a TaskRay template based on those criteria.

TaskRay tasks help guide the onboarding team through a set of activities, like kick-off calls, site surveys, menu build-outs, POS setup, and training. Toast also uses Salesforce Field Service Lightning to create onsite appointments and then create tasks in TaskRay to reflect the date and time of those appointments, keeping everything organized and on platform.

“We wanted to be able to dynamically generate a different customer onboarding experience based on a specific segment and TaskRay could do that.”

Benefits of TaskRay

While Toast’s customer onboarding timeline is driven by the customer needs, they’ve measured initial success on how many customers a customer onboarding team member can manage at a given time.

  • On platform – Keeping their onboarding process on the Salesforce Platform was crucial for Toast.

  • Templates – Each Toast customer is unique, but the customer onboarding process still includes a standard set of tasks that can be repeated and tweaked based on needs and timeline.

  • Views – The Toast team is able to work in many of TaskRay’s different views. From My Work to Plan View to Kanban, TaskRay provides a workspace for every type of onboarding specialist.

  • Workload management – As the team has adopted TaskRay, the workload that each team member can effectively handle is set to show significant increases.

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