Project Management: Non-Profit

Baltimore Corps is a non-profit organization whose mission is to enlist talent to accelerate social innovation in Baltimore and advance a citywide agenda for equity and racial justice.

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Moyo Fakeye
Systems Implementation Manager

“TaskRay is providing structure and accountability throughout our organization in a strategic way.”

How are you using TaskRay?

We started using TaskRay as a way to manage meetings. Before TaskRay, team members didn’t know what to expect from the meetings they were attending and there was no central means for tracking accountability for next steps and action items after meetings were completed. With TaskRay, we have clear agendas and deliverables and meetings are now being better managed.

Currently, we are moving towards using TaskRay to run organization-wide projects. We are finding that TaskRay helps us to create the structure we need for high level portfolio projects as well as at the sub-project level. It also helps us keep people informed through automation.

TaskRay is multi-functional for us. In addition to back office functions like meeting management and one-on-one check-ins with directors on project work, we also use it for fundraising event planning and programmatic delivery of our mission.

What features helped you choose TaskRay?

The ability to stay in Salesforce to do everything project management related was the biggest draw for us. We really like using lookup relationships between TaskRay custom objects and other Salesforce information as well as the integration with FormAssembly. The fact that TaskRay is Salesforce native is an important factor in team management—since every team member is in the same tool, team members are all on the same page.

What were you using before TaskRay?

We weren’t using a formal tool—we were primarily using spreadsheets to manage projects. The result was that people didn’t have as much structure or have a shared means of knowing what needed to happen or what they owned.

How has TaskRay improved your business?

The small wins have been big for us. For example: 

  • TaskRay has streamlined paperwork—we don’t print out agendas and Google Sheets like we used to.

  • The ability to attach files to projects has cut down on confusion and wasted time.

  • Being able to visually see timelines and milestones helps us stay on course. It also helps executive leadership see conflicts as they happen.

Why would you recommend TaskRay?

If you’re using Salesforce, TaskRay is the way to go. Unlike other project management tools, it interacts with all your data and allows you to use Salesforce objects, all in the same portal. And the visual user interface is great.

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