Training Is The Key To Successful Implementation

Recently, TaskRay’s team published a white paper Thinking Of A Project Management Tool? Read This First. It’s an in-depth review of the many components that go into having a successful project management practice in your organization.

There are 8 big things you should be doing to ensure success for your company. (If you want all eight, go ahead and download the paper.) But one of the most overlooked steps for success is getting your team training.

It’s undeniable that good training will help you get more out of your investment in TaskRay. Studies show that the number one reason new software installations fail is due to lack of proper implementation and training.

According to a large survey conducted by Forrester Research, “people” issues are the biggest challenge for successful software implementations with the number one issue being “slow user adoption”.


That’s why TaskRay is proud to offer several new training packages to help you succeed further with your project work.

The trainings are designed to deliver valuable information and insights into how your team can get the most out of TaskRay as well as training the folks on your team on the nuts and bolts of using TaskRay. The goal is to increase user adoption quickly as well as highlight any areas of ongoing challenge that you might have.

To learn more about how a TaskRay training package can help your team develop a world-class project management practice, contact us.