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The Top 4 Reasons Your Team Will Love Using TaskRay

Though our results speak for themselves, here at TaskRay, so do our customers. TaskRay is designed to help you and your team be more productive, efficient, and collaborative. Don’t just take our word for it! Hear for yourself what our users say about why their teams love our customer onboarding solutions. 

1. Plan and execute onboarding projects more smoothly and efficiently. 

TaskRay is Salesforce native, which provides teams with a single source of truth for all their data. Some TaskRay users like to say, “If it’s not in TaskRay, it doesn’t exist!” And with TaskRay’s multiple views, users can select which interface fits the best with the work at hand. Users can view their individually-assigned work in MyWork, entire project timelines in Gantt-like Plan View or overall project performance in Portfolio View. Efficiency and teamwork have never been easier to achieve.

“TaskRay has a WONDERFUL user interface. Setting up projects is fast and easy. 

The interface is modern and fun to use.” 

-Adrian D., Whetstone Inc. 

2. We help you build an onboarding relationship, not just a process.

With TaskRay, companies streamline their customers’ journeys with simple, efficient, and relationship-focused guidance. From prospect to repeat customer status, Taskray drastically improves your customer onboarding process by fostering accountability, transparency, and collaboration. 

“It is really refreshing to work with a company that understands the meaning of a true partnership. Trust is the foundation of customer and partner relationships, and TaskRay is one of the few software vendors that I've worked with that places such importance on that value.”

-Matt G., Conversive

3. TaskRay makes customization intuitive and easy.

Taskray optimizes UX with helpful visuals that place all of the information you need on one screen. You can have multiple projects running simultaneously and use filters to visually track tasks and project status. Users can create templates, customize their view with drag and drop features, and create a layout unique to them. 

“TaskRay has saved our nonprofit so much time! We are able to organize our work in a whole new way, making us so much more productive. Thank you TaskRay!!

-Shannon C.

4. Enjoy seamless handoffs, with all of your information available on one shared platform.

We create systems to ensure your customers receive a consistently excellent onboarding experience that is visible to management. In addition to tracking task status and project performance, Taskray facilitates transitions between teams—from sales to customer onboarding to customer success teams. Say goodbye to incomplete handoffs and hello to smooth handoffs.

 “Amazing application with lots of great built-in functions and best of all, it's all within Salesforce. It's simple, easy to use and was incredibly easy to customize the application to fit our business requirements and processes.”

-Ahmed N., Tier1CRM  


Ready to be one of our many happy customers? Reach out here to learn more about our customer onboarding solutions.

Where In The World Is TaskRay?

We are on the move! Over the next few months, you will find the TaskRay team all over the U.S. and U.K at the biggest and most fun customer success events in 2019. Check out the list of events below to see if you can join us:

Pulse World Tours

Gainsight’s leading customer success conference tour is back this year and featuring more industry experts, networking opportunities, and chances to learn about the latest best-practices than ever. TaskRay is proud to be a showcase sponsor for these events, continuing our partnership with Gainsight from our Customer Success eBook published earlier this year. We’ll be at the following three legs of the tour:

  • Seattle: Join us on Thursday, October 3, 2019 at the Renaissance Seattle Hotel from 1:00 PM – 7:00 PM. At this event, you’ll hear speakers from Gainsight, Tableau, and more. Register here.

  • Boston: Join us on Tuesday, October 22, 2019 at the Renaissance Boston Waterfront Hotel from 1:00 PM – 7:30 PM. Here, you’ll get the chance to listen to speakers like the CEO of Gainsight, the SVP of Customer Success at HubSpot, and more. Register here.

  • Atlanta: Join us on Thursday, October 24, 2019 at the InterContinental Buckhead Atlanta from 1:00 PM – 7:30 PM. At this event, you’ll have another chance to hear from the Gainsight CEO Nick Mehta, as well as from others at BetterCloud, CareerBuilder, and more. Register here.

  • London: Join us in London on November 5-6, 2019 at the Olympia London for the Europe’s premier customer success conference. Register here.

Dreamforce 2019


Salesforce’s pioneering conference delivers on their promise to unite and inspire trailblazers in business–and this year should be no different. As a Salesforce-native software, TaskRay already loves what the Salesforce platform has to offer, but this conference brings it to a whole other level. Join us in San Francisco from November 19-22 for four days of fresh inspiration, giving back, and more. Register, and check out the ROI calculator based on what previous attendees have reported here

If you plan on attending any of these events, let us know. Shoot us an email at and let’s connect in person this fall.

Class of 2019 — Our learnings from the Salesforce Accelerate Program

In March, we excitedly announced our participation in the Salesforce Accelerate program. And in May, we filled you in our progress at the program’s midpoint. We’re thrilled to share that we’ve completed the Accelerate program and are now Salesforce Accelerate graduates!

The Salesforce Accelerate experience was nothing short of extraordinary. The learnings we came away with will help us drive forward faster and with greater impact than ever before. We also made great connections with other Salesforce ISVs and partners and gained valuable insight into our industry and core market position.

Oh, and we had a great time doing it!

“The Salesforce Accelerate program was akin to getting an MBA in SaaS growth in 11 weeks. Over 37 sessions, we learned invaluable lessons on go-to-market strategies, product excellence, and customer success.” -Blakely Graham, TaskRay CEO and Co-founder

Our top highlights included:

  • Creating a focused blueprint for our customer journey is a challenging but essential step in articulating how we can build a whole product solution that meets our customers’ needs within and outside of our offering.

  • Salesforce has always been a leader in embodying and activating their values, and the Accelerate program further cemented the need to further thread our own vision and values into departmental and personal objectives.

  • Acknowledging the value of and need for different roles and resources in different stages of company growth can be empowering and help you recognize exactly where to focus your efforts. Aka - there isn’t a “one size fits all” approach.

  • Transparency is not only powerful for internal organizational alignment, but also in connecting with customers and partners.

“We’ve always believed in our product and team, but Accelerate has allowed us to step into a bigger and bolder role as leaders in the Customer Success ecosystem.” - Jamie Cole, TaskRay VP of Product and Marketing

TaskRay's Top 4 Takeaways From Pulse 2019

Last week, six members of the TaskRay team headed (even further) west to San Francisco for the seventh Pulse conference, hosted by Gainsight.

Pulse 2019 was the largest of the Pulse conference series to date, with over 5500 registrants taking over the U.S. tech industry’s favorite venue—Moscone.

Our team spent four days connecting with customer success professionals, taking in sessions, and enjoying the awesomeness that was Pulse! Did we mention there were puppies!? Yes, there were puppies.

Other highlights included a CS rockstar-packed opening keynote with Cisco EVP and Chief Customer Experience Officer, Maria Martinez, and 1920’s themed Gatsby-style gala, and a strong meme game.

We compiled our top four takeaways about what’s happening now and what’s the next big thing in the customer success and customer onboarding space.

Takeaway 1

Conversations at Pulse are focused and powerful. We spent a lot of hours at our booth talking with CS professionals from all over the world and they shared one trait—they love what they do and they are laser focused on improving their skills.

From TaskRay Account Executive, Jon Barlow:

Because the customer success industry is still relatively new, there is so much to learn. CS professionals are excited about where the industry is headed and its exciting to see the level of sophistication at which they're already operating.

Takeaway 2

Customer success and product are the new power couple. Once existing as two siloed areas of an organization, Pulse 2019 made it clear that product and CS will be spending a whole lot more time together, and we think that’s a good thing.

This year, Pulse offered a product-specific learning track focused on user-centric product development.

TaskRay CEO and co-founder, Blakely Graham:

Your best product feedback comes from your customers and it is essential to pipe this to your product team. Pulse is helping to shape the future of how Product and CS work together.

Takeaway 3

Another theme our team noted was the idea of “human first leadership” and how it can be a differentiator throughout the customer lifecycle. Specifically, combining intelligent processes with the human touch of customer success can help teams scale onboarding and success programs without dramatically increasing headcount or budget.

TaskRay VP of Sales and Customer Success, Mike Davis:

The ability to marry product signals with human-led intervention during the onboarding and customer success journey will be critical to long-term success and growth without needing to grow staff at the same rate.

Takeaway 4

Get outside your office walls, listen, and connect. It may be simple, but we stand behind it! Each time we’re able to attend a new conference, we learn so much from connecting with others in our industry and in new industries as well.

Our VP of Product and Marketing, Jamie Cole took the stage at Pulse for a session all about the handoffs from sales to customer onboarding to customer success and her takeaway sums it up:

The questions that arise during sessions at Pulse (and other conferences) are indicative of the wider themes emerging in CS — and we need to pay attention! These are the future leaders of the CS profession and we can learn a ton from them.

To sum it up, we’ll be back for Pulse 2020 and likely the year after. Why? Because CS is an emerging practice that aligns with a lot of what we’re doing at TaskRay. And plus, they love to have fun! That’s win-win in our book.

Salesforce Accelerate Program: We're half way there!

(Woah woah, livin’ on a prayer!) We’re excited to be half way through our time in the Salesforce Accelerate program and we’re rocking out with some brand new knowledge!

Last week was the second of three onsite Accelerate sessions. Salesforce opened the doors to the Salesforce Tower in San Francisco and invited TaskRay and the other ISVs in for three days of informative, actionable content, speakers, and networking.

View from atop the Salesforce Tower in the Ohana Lounge.

View from atop the Salesforce Tower in the Ohana Lounge.

The focus of this session was: Go To Market Excellence. As such our two Go To Market leaders, Mike Davis (VP of Sales & Customer Success) and Jamie Cole (VP of Marketing & Product) traveled to learn about topics ranging from how to build sales and marketing materials that are customer-centric to how to think about pricing and packaging for Enterprise SaaS to how to leverage the new tech Salesforce has on its roadmap.

“The Accelerate Program is a master-class in SaaS marketing & sales from the creator of the SaaS category. We have already benefited tremendously from access to some of Salesforce’s best and brightest talent as well as the specific, actionable motions they’ve taught at both the strategic and tactical level.” - Jamie Cole, TaskRay VP of Product and Marketing

Each evening after the sessions, we were invited to listen, learn, and mingle with leaders both inside Salesforce and across the SaaS ecosystem. The culminating event being a discussion between Jason Lemkin of SaaSTR fame and Jackson Cummings of Salesforce Ventures about some of the biggest opportunities and challenges for start-ups in the SaaS space. It was a wide-ranging conversation that touched on talent acquisition challenges, where you should base your company, how to get friction out of your sales process, and how to be radically customer-centric.

And, because Salesforce invented the 1-1-1 model, no Salesforce event would be complete without a service component. We were able to spend an afternoon at the Marin County food bank helping process a shipment for the community. Our group was able to get 28k pounds of canned fruits and vegetables sorted before the next group was set to arrive.

Now we are back in TaskRay country. Putting our learnings to work so that we can continue to build the top customer onboarding tool for the Salesforce platform!

TaskRay Joins The Salesforce Accelerate Program

The TaskRay team is beyond excited to announce our participation in the Salesforce Accelerate program this week. We’re joining ten other Salesforce partners in the program’s fifth session, which kicked off on March 26, 2019.

For the next three months, our team will be working closely with our partners at Salesforce and our advisor to create strategic alignment in sales, marketing, product management, product marketing, and business development—all directed at better supporting our product and customers.

As a Salesforce ISV partner, we relish opportunities like this to dive into product and process improvement across our entire company and can’t wait for what the next three months holds!

“We are thrilled to be part of this impressive group of companies all looking to accelerate growth within the AppExchange partner community,” said TaskRay Founder and CEO, Blakely Graham. “This unique opportunity allows us to collaborate more closely with Salesforce as we drive towards our aggressive goals.”

We’re particularly excited to work with our advisor in the Accelerate program, Cary Fulbright, a cloud industry veteran with a venerable track record in the Salesforce ecosystem.

“The Accelerate program cherry-picks some of the most exciting and fastest growing partners and shares the behind-the-curtain playbooks that Salesforce has developed for its own success over the past 20 years. Partner success directly contributes to customer success and ultimately to Salesforce’s success.”

- Cary Fulbright, TaskRay’s Accelerate advisor and Principal at Five-500 Group

Our team is on the ground this week in San Francisco diving into our first series of programming.

Blakely Graham, Jon Barlow, Mike Davis, and Will Egolf all hard at work at the Salesforce Tower, San Francisco.

Blakely Graham, Jon Barlow, Mike Davis, and Will Egolf all hard at work at the Salesforce Tower, San Francisco.

“We look forward to learning from our peer companies, Salesforce team, and our mentor as we propel towards our goals in 2019,” said TaskRay VP of Sales and Customer Success, Mike Davis.

This entrepreneur's advice to himself: Think big. Now bigger.

If Eric Wu weren’t the co-founder of Bracket Labs, tasked with sales and customer success, he’d like to be running a surfing school in Hawaii, possibly with a bowl of potato chips and French onion dip at the ready.

Put that in his futures file.

Meanwhile, he’s busy building high-quality collaboration and productivity apps for the Salesforce AppExchange.

Introducing TaskRay, New Salesforce Wear App for Apple Watch

Yesterday, Bracket Labs revealed TaskRay for wearables, which extends business processes to devices like the Apple Watch to help improve mobility and productivity at work.

TaskRay was built with the Salesforce Wear Developer Pack, an agile platform that provides enterprise developers with sample code, documentation, demos and reference apps, allowing them to extend Salesforce implementations to wearable devices.