Salesforce Accelerate Program: We're half way there!

(Woah woah, livin’ on a prayer!) We’re excited to be half way through our time in the Salesforce Accelerate program and we’re rocking out with some brand new knowledge!

Last week was the second of three onsite Accelerate sessions. Salesforce opened the doors to the Salesforce Tower in San Francisco and invited TaskRay and the other ISVs in for three days of informative, actionable content, speakers, and networking.

View from atop the Salesforce Tower in the Ohana Lounge.

View from atop the Salesforce Tower in the Ohana Lounge.

The focus of this session was: Go To Market Excellence. As such our two Go To Market leaders, Mike Davis (VP of Sales & Customer Success) and Jamie Cole (VP of Marketing & Product) traveled to learn about topics ranging from how to build sales and marketing materials that are customer-centric to how to think about pricing and packaging for Enterprise SaaS to how to leverage the new tech Salesforce has on its roadmap.

“The Accelerate Program is a master-class in SaaS marketing & sales from the creator of the SaaS category. We have already benefited tremendously from access to some of Salesforce’s best and brightest talent as well as the specific, actionable motions they’ve taught at both the strategic and tactical level.” - Jamie Cole, TaskRay VP of Product and Marketing

Each evening after the sessions, we were invited to listen, learn, and mingle with leaders both inside Salesforce and across the SaaS ecosystem. The culminating event being a discussion between Jason Lemkin of SaaSTR fame and Jackson Cummings of Salesforce Ventures about some of the biggest opportunities and challenges for start-ups in the SaaS space. It was a wide-ranging conversation that touched on talent acquisition challenges, where you should base your company, how to get friction out of your sales process, and how to be radically customer-centric.

And, because Salesforce invented the 1-1-1 model, no Salesforce event would be complete without a service component. We were able to spend an afternoon at the Marin County food bank helping process a shipment for the community. Our group was able to get 28k pounds of canned fruits and vegetables sorted before the next group was set to arrive.

Now we are back in TaskRay country. Putting our learnings to work so that we can continue to build the top customer onboarding tool for the Salesforce platform!