Fresh-squeezed collaboration solutions with the TaskRay Live App for Quip


There is undoubtedly a new standard for collaboration in the cloud—solutions must be fresh, fast and dynamic. That’s why we’re so excited to announce the TaskRay Live App for Quip’s next-generation productivity suite.

Both TaskRay and Quip share a common goal—for teams to work and communicate in one, easily-accessed environment, in real-time.  With this integration, users can stay up-to-date on the progress of TaskRay projects, update the status of tasks, and log time—all from the comfort of Quip.

Combining the power of Quip and TaskRay creates new possibilities for how teams can communicate and move work forward. Let’s dive into exactly why the combination of the TaskRay Live App and Quip is such a potent combination for all of types of teams.

Team Selling Solutions

For companies that collaborate to win deals, keeping sales teams in sync when it comes to individual tasks and responsibilities is critical. Repeatable sales processes can be templated in TaskRay—meaning projects can be automatically created and predefined work can be assigned to teams that are supporting a potential sale.

With the TaskRay Live App for Quip, these processes can be visualized and tracked in Quip while allowing sales users to collaborate in real-time with the rest of their team.

Team members can take action on their tasks right from Quip to update TaskRay data in Salesforce, moving deals forward from their own contextual workspace. When key milestones are reached in the sales process, TaskRay can automatically create and assign additional tasks to specific team members to keep business moving forward.

Customer Onboarding

Quip offers a whole new way to communicate with customers during onboarding or training on new products. The TaskRay Live App for Quip boosts these capabilities by allowing customers to track the progress and overall status of their onboarding, complete with visibility into specific tasks and phases of the project.

Customers can also comment and collaborate on TaskRay data from within Quip, allowing for real-time communication that’s directly in context.

Executive Reporting

Executives and managers can use the TaskRay Live App to gain a more comprehensive view of projects and processes across the entire organization. With data and information about multiple TaskRay projects at their fingertips, managers can identify and eliminate bottlenecks while communicating directly with project owners and contributors to help move work forward.

TaskRay customer Sun Life Financial is already using the TaskRay Live App for Quip to enhance their reporting and IT operations:

 “With Quip’s addition to Salesforce and the TaskRay app we will be able to have Quip collaboration pages to link our business partners and vendors in one place, exposing only the relevant information, adding a variety of content – mockups, progress reports, PowerPoint presentations all in one place.

For our regular reporting to our Executive team, we can build out dynamic reports with TaskRay data – providing the status of our digital transformation efforts while allowing our Executives to drill down into details, add their own comments, and share content. And with live real time data – the reports are never stale and we can link our work directly into core business processes.” From TaskRay customer and TaskRay Live App for Quip user, Sun Life Financial.


Agile Development

Product and development teams can use Quip to streamline how product managers and engineers organize key information while planning an upcoming sprint or release. The TaskRay Live App for Quip helps agile teams:

  • Keep everything in one place, then track and update progress in TaskRay

  • Integrate the agile development process into Salesforce

  • Promote visibility and transparency amongst product and development teams

Elevate how you collaborate

The TaskRay Live App elevates how teams function by creating a bridge between the structured data stored in Salesforce and the unstructured data used in Quip. By bringing the data you need exactly where you need (when you need it), the TaskRay Live App truly empowers teams to have contextual discussions based on real-time project details through a single channel.

Want to learn more?

Want to learn more about how these two powerful tools work together to support different business needs like Agile Development, Customer Onboarding, and Executive-level Reporting? We recently recorded a 30-minute webinar with Sales Engineer Robert Boyd that goes over common use cases and reporting capabilities. Access the webinar here: